First attempt at Baby Backs



Braising then finishing on the grill is a great way to do them if you are "grill challenged."
(Heck it's a good way even if you aren't!)

I agree the rub sounds salty... 3 TBSP, plus some in the Old Bay... I'd do 1 TBSP max.


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Keep on going! You did great.

I did baby backs too. Rubbed down with Sweet baby Ray's indirect heat in foil for a couple hours, brown them up a bit and go.


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WTG. :)

Nearly everyone loves baby back ribs. The last ones I made were in the smoker for two hours and then finished off in the oven. There are lots of ways to cook them and all are great.


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My first attempt at cooking baby back ribs was a success! I used Alton Brown's dry rub recipe that follows, but next time I think I will come up with my own...this one was a little salty for me. I braised them in the oven and then finished them on the grill, and for me - cooking anything outside of burgers and dogs on the grill is a challenge! :bonk:

Yay :clap:, I just recently started getting interested in trying some new things on the grill. I figure you never know until you try!