Finnish Pancakes


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5 dl milk
2 eggs
1/2 dl sugar
pinch of salt
1/2 dl vegetable oil (we usually use rapeseed oil) or melted butter
2,5 dl wheat flour (or barley flour)

vegetable oil or butter for frying

Lightly whisk the eggs and the salt with the milk. Add sugar. Add the flour in a thin stream little at a time, whisking continually to avoid the forming of lumps. Finally add the melted butter which helps to prevent the pancakes from sticking to the pan during frying.

Cover the batter and let it stand for 1/2 to 1 hour for the flour to absorb the liquid.

Heat a pancake pan until very hot. Generously butter the pan and pour the first batch of the pancake batter in a thin layer in the rounds. Fry until the bubbles on the batter surface begin to set and flip the pancakes over with a spatula.

Fry the pancakes until they are golden brown, although the first batch, as with any batter, usually turns out bad — pale, bland and slightly soggy.

Continue frying with the rest of the batter.

Serve with jam (strawberry jam is traditional in here), with ice cream or vanilla sauce.


You can use same basic recipe also for savory pancakes (just leave sugar away and add 1/2 tl salt).

To these pancakes I added 2 dl chopped spinach and 1 dl grated carrot:


Wild nettle pancakes with lingonberry jam:



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I'm intrigued by the vegetable pancakes, Saliha.

I adore the scallion pancakes I get at Chinese restaurants, which are a different texture than regular pancakes.

But it would be fun to try yours with green onions!



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Other type here are the Russian pancakes made from buckwheat flour and served with sour cream (blini).

"Blini are thin pancakes made of yeast dough. They are the main component of Russian board at Shrovetide, served as a symbol of Sun and Spring. Blini are also popular throughout a year, being served with different fillings and topped with sour cream or butter."

In this recipe is used wheat flour but more traditional is use buckwheat or barley:

Buckwheat blinis:


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Another version of the sweet pancakes:

Peel few apples, remove the core and cut to thin rings.

Pour the pancake dough dose to the pan, add apple ring on the top plus springle cinnamon on it.

Like this:

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Wow, nice pan, Saliha!

Johnny, I wasn't talking about the flat. tortilla-like pancakes they serve with Peking Duck (which I love), I was referring to a side dish of pancakes with the scallions within.

Sometimes they are served with a dipping sauce as well, mostly with chile peppers.

Photos below, to see the difference.

I've made scallion pancakes before. I may have a photo of mine.

And maybe move this discussion to another thread, so I don't hijack Saliha's thread anymore!



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