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I bought a two pound bag of local garlic from costco. After I loaded my garlic bowl on the counter, there's still about six heads in the bag that won't fit. I'm exploring the idea of cleaning the cloves and jarring it with a really nice extra virgin olive oil from Northern California.

I'm aware that the shelf life for this wouldn't be terribly long, but I imagine the oil will taste good with basalmic vinigar and dipped with bread.

Can someone suggest other herbs I can add to the mix to maximize the oil infusion? I'm thinking rosemary but drawing a blank otherwise.

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Just a warning. There was an outbreak of botulism a few years back from garlic stored in olive oil. So be careful.

I would roast them, maybe even some in your bowl. You can squeeze the cloves, mash and freeze in individual clumps or freeze in ice cube trays, then pop out and store in plastic bag once frozen.


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I grind a couple whole bulbs/heads of garlic cloves in my small food processor (with olive oil, salt & ground pepper). Then I put the paste into a Ziploc sandwich bag. Remove the air then I spread it flat across the bag and put in freezer on flat surface. When I need garlic I just snap a piece off, reseal bag and back into freezer.


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Welcome to NCT, calcmandan!

To answer your question about the garlic oil dipping sauce, in addition to rosemary, you could add parsley, oregano and salt.

Another idea for dealing with lots of garlic would be to make garlic confit. Check out this link http://foodandstyle.com/garlic-confit/

Stick around and let us know how you make out!



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Great ideas. The confit too, it has been bookmarked.

I will decide what to do after I do my sunday stuff.

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I did the garlic in the jar with rosemary and peppercorn. Covered it in olive oil and sealed the jar. I saw the lid pregnant, so i opened it. Air rushed out and bubbles formed in the oil. It smells very strong of garlic and it keeps bubbling.

Not sure if i should throw it out or what. my gut tells me that i wasted perfectly good garlic and olive oil.

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you're playing with botulism. it can kill. details matter.
botulism requires a non acid pH range, the absence of oxygen, a smidge of water, and the right temps. the temp range is very wide, including fridge temps.
the FDA requires specific acidifiers in commercial preps of "garlic&oil"
_anything_ that grows in the ground/dirt has the potential to be contaminated with botulism spores.
research the methods of what you want to do and do not ad lib.


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It's not a bad thing to have too much garlic. I keep it in the fridge. It already comes in a jar. Some of it can be stored in the cupboard, which I already have stored some of it there. As long as the vacuum seal isn't broken, it can stay there for long periods. Once the seal is broken, it goes in the fridge. I also have a big container of the granulated garlic powder. I keep lots of it in both forms