Evernote app, android, windows, IOS, web...


OK, evernote is available now for Android. It is also available for Ios. Free. I have been researching it since it became available a week or so ago. I mean, reminders can be done in email, cut and paste, so many ways. I digress. I added evernote to my android and started taking notes and reminders, then I discovered they had a windows app. So I get it for windows and bam they sync together flawlessly. I also found they have a firefox addon which is called web clipper. ***** This is where I got excited. I can use this addon to save web images, links, and even entire web pages for use offline. The more I look into it the more I like about it, especially why I posted it here. You make notebooks for your recipes. A tip I heard was it was a good way to organize your recipes. So I mad a recipe notebook, I went searching through my bookmarks and found I can clip the entire sire for offline view which is perfect for cooking while you have no connection. You can even access it on the web after you create an account. If I sound excited its because I am. Sorry for the long post. They also have been buying other software to go with their product.



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Evernote is great! I have been using it for a couple years now. I was very happy when they released the Android app! Glad you found it useful too.