Easy & Fast Popcorn For One


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This could fit in Frugal, For One, or Healthy, but I’m going with For One.

Ever want some popcorn, a nice healthy snack, perfect for movies and TV, and it gives you that salt fix?

Yet, popping a whole bag in the microwave can lead to waste for one person…..or overindulgence. Dragging out the machine or pots for one is also a hassle. But, there is an easier way!

This is a fast and very inexpensive fix using everything you already have!

This is also a great thing to do with kids. Portion control is automatic, and kids love seeing improvised and “cool” microwave cooking. A perfect lead-in to a family movie.

I personally do it because DW isn't a popcorn fan, so popping a whole bag here just for me is a waste. But this method lets me have my popcorn with no waste or guilt at all!

A bag of popcorn kernels runs from $0.99 to $2.59 or so....depending on brand and where you get it. Store the kernels in a Ball jar or tupperware vessel with lid. I've noticed that this method produces "fresh" and crunchy popcorn everytime - but trying the same on the stove in a pot usually results in "stale" and dull popcorn. I'm addicted to this method! :thumb:

What you’ll need:

1 - 2 cup Glass Measuring Cup
1 – Microwave safe saucer
1 – Bag of Popcorn Kernels
1 – Container of Cooking Oil
A Microwave
S&P to Taste

1. Put about 1 Tsp of oil into a 2 cup glass measuring cup - just enough to cover the bottom and pool up a bit. Now heat that in the microwave on high for 1 minute.

2. Add enough popcorn kernels to cover the bottom and lie in the oil – about 1 Tbsp of kernels.

3. Place a saucer on top of the measuring cup and put it in the microwave.

4. Microwave on High for about 2 minutes or until the popping subsides to only 1 pop per second.

5. Pour in a bowl, add seasoning and enjoy!


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neat concept, thanks for the idea and photos. But.....I could never do with 1 T. of kernels:ohmy:. Generally I am conscious of portion control for all my meals, but when it comes to popcorn, 1/2 cup of kernels is my usual:whistle:....think I will start out with a 4 cup measuring cup and 2 T. kernels and see if I can do that:blush:.