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(i'm simply saying. & i would not say to, myself, to others. sometimes, I may, to myself. anyhoo--)

my Grandfolk (rest their dear souls)-- they were so different than those of now. i look @ how they saw food & how i see food in so different a manner, now~ unless I'm by myself. then i'll indulge, same as when i was a tot.

-lard was that fat of choice- often to make dippy-eggs in, w/ cheap 'ol bread, most often. runny 'ol yolks & salt!
-oleo was often on that table. or butter. shortening was there fer pie crusts; otherwise-- lard or oleo.
-as was whole milk & creamers
-eggs & toast were brekkie. w/ full-fat milk, & bacon
-lunchmeat was via a can, & was to be pan-fried in oil. then we would pour syrup on, to accompany that French toast, as well.
-candy was as common as cheese, potato, cheap cuts-o-meat, & cheap breads
-fast food was an item that we got as often as new toys
-there was a fridge/freezer. i think we may have put eggs into that once. cream, too.
-if u pluck a veggie fresh, hurry & rinse beneath that outdoor spigot. if u bother to rinse. better to ingest straight away. maybe a 'lil salt.
-nobody refrigerated butter, then
-or eggs. namely, my 1 Grandma.
-if your gums hurt, there was booze to fix that. i took a liking to brandy as a toddler.
-we would trim mold if seen on cheese
-microwaves of 1984 rock on.
-dough was meant to ingest as was- in its raw state.
-a potato was meant to be put into a microwave, & cheese-whiz would follow so as to accentuate a bland spud
-somehow, my Pap's pasta was so delicious, albeit prego.
-meatballs & chili, too. & beef stew, & fudge.
-wrestling on television meant we would order in pizza, when Grandma was in charge
-pop was 50/50 or cherikee red pop

-yet, there was somehow a stash of lite & lively (sp) yogurt & nuts w/ a nutcracker & saltines, fresh fruits, & veggies, too

that is namely 1 of my sets of Grandparents. my other Gramdma, she was so simplistic. milk-bread or milk toast, dippy-eggs, igloo, frozen whipped crème, instant cocoa, & cott pop.

ferget these health-nut folks. my Pap got ill when they put him on a diet. they made their way to their very late 70's/80's. hm.

sheesh, i miss them. rest their dear souls.
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now there's a whole long list of truths!

everything in moderation. well, unless you really like it.....