Does anyone know of a recipe for a Green Bean Casserole from scratch?


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I'm kinda in a pickle!

I want to do this as one of the veggies for supper tonight!!

With it, I plan to have a Smoked Pork Loin and maybe some rice.

I've never made it before, and I COULD use a can of Cream of Mushroom Soup as part of the recipe, which it traditionally calls for, but because of the astronomically high content of salt that canned mushroom soup has, I want to try a more healthier version of the classic holiday side dish.

I'm going to use FROZEN green beans in place of the fresh ones. I already have the French fried Onions and mushrooms, but I want to also added less mushrooms to it as well.

Can a béchamel sauce base be used with some chicken or beef base added to it or something? I might go with that. :wink: :piesmiley1: :eating2:


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Do you have Better Then Bouillon Mushroom flavor? That would work well.


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I actually made it one year from scratch. I just made a roux and added chicken broth and then some mushrooms along with the green beans. I liked it but my family didn't. lol They liked the old way better so that's how I have to make it.
If you do make it with fresh beans be sure to blanch them first.