Diabetic Cheese Cake


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I see a thread for Diet but not for Diabetic... Maybe I am just overlooking it. But if it is not there wouldn't this be a great idea since there is a big differance between Diet and Diabetic?.

This sounds really good to start with for those with a sweet tooth.

I am sharing this from, Hillbilly Recipes... From: Facebook.

Diabetic Cheesecake

A delicious Diabetic Friendly Cheesecake
Ingredients for Diabetic Cheesecake...
Unsalted soda crackers
1 can sugar free cherry pie filling
1 package fat free vanilla pudding mix
1 envelope light dessert topping mix
Directions for Diabetic Cheesecake
Prepare pudding and dessert topping in two separate bowls. In glass dish layer: crackers, pudding, cherry, topping etc. make sure crackers on bottom and cherries on top. Makes layers 3 – 4 times depending on size of dish.Allow to sit several hours in fridge. Crackers will soften and this dessert is low fat, low sugar and delish!See More

Looks Yummy!