Deviled Egg Tulips


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I posted this link on Facebook and they removed it, stating, "It looks like you tried to get likes, follows, shares or video views in a misleading way." They said it was spam. What the heck????



That's so bizarre! Deviled Egg Tulips are adorable and totally a legit recipe. Facebook's algorithms can be overzealous sometimes.

Did you try appealing the removal? Sometimes they'll reinstate content if they realize it was a mistake.

In the meantime, you could try reposting with a different caption. Maybe focus on the recipe itself like "Springy Deviled Egg Tulips for Easter!" or something that highlights the visual appeal without sounding click baity.

Also, your link looks like it might be for a specific recipe within a larger website. You could try copying the direct link to the deviled egg tulip recipe itself, just in case that makes a difference.

Good luck! Those tulips are too cute not to share!