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Sorry FM to hear your mom isn't doing very well. That COPD is what my mother and myself are battling on a daily basis where my mom's is much worse because of her age. Unfortunately, there is not much there can be done in this day and time for this type of lung disease. I know mine will progressively get worse also as I also just lost an aunt due to the same thing a month ago and another aunt w/the same thing a year ago. Wishing your mom my best wishes Terry....Keep us informed on her also...Bless you, Meme/sh:flowers:


Just remember.......
If you are taking them for a "short term", acute event or reason... Docs often don't think much of STOPPING these type of drugs.
And if the stressors and situations have changed in your life after a while, you might not need them anymore.
So be sure to monitor these things yourself, and don't be scared to ask the doc -and ALWAYS do this under supervision -- to wean you off of them.


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Thank you Kimchee. Thankfully, I have a good dr that cares about people, first time I have really found one. I won't be afraid to say anything though, if I think that I'm better.