Create Your Own Cooking Show App


New member
Hello - I'm a technologist / foodie and wanted to get the opinion from other food lovers like me.

I've always wanted to create my own personal cooking show so that I can help others and inspire them to try new recipes. However, I find the current methods of trying to do so are time consuming and not easy. For example:
- Captures content using multiple devices
- Uploads that content to their computer
- Edits the content in one or multiple applications
- Uploads and publishes that content to a video sharing website like YouTube or Vimeo
- Distributes the content using multiple social media networks

What if there was one app with a similar experience to SnapChat where you can easily create a cooking show and also automatically publishes it on the web for you to share? Within the app or website you could also discover shows from others. In essence, it's a community of non-professional cooking shows and recipes.

I'm thinking about creating this. Is this something you think you would use?

Thanks in advance!