COVID test...


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Man. I got tested last Sept. All I got was watery eyes from them poking something way way up my nose. :bonk:

Sass Muffin

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I got tested in Sept., as well. They just went in about an inch and same yesterday. The parting gifts were a surprise.
John, I've been tested so many times I've lost count.
Right now we're down to every Monday and Wednesday. For a while it was every Mon-Wed-Fri.
I've gotten to the point where I know if a test is going to be - or + with the rapid returns.
One minute into placing the swab into the cartridge, if the green line is followed by a wide pink smear, it's usually negative.
The bridge of my nose is a wreck from the n95 sponge grip. ?

Johnny West

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I got my second shot this morning. It was supposed to be the 15th but they cancelled due to lack of staff. it was a little sore right after the shot but seems fine now.