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Congrats! The feeling of relief when you get that first shot is palpable. Even though you still need the second, and then 2 more weeks for full protection, Just getting a shot and knowing that you're on the way to safety is liberating.

I've read that 2 weeks after your first shot, you could be as much as 80% protected. Several of our friends all have had either 1 or 2 doses, so we have been cautiously visiting again. It's good to begin moving toward normalcy.

:a1: Absolutely!


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I just shared a photo on Facebook of one of our beloved residents who is coming back from the long haul.
It's shared from the facility page.
She's sitting in activities playing Uno.

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Yesterday we played Yahtzee with Amelia, she was disinterested and wanted to draw. She beat us handily.

I got up at 0300 and couldn't sleep thinking about getting this shot this morning. It’s going to be a long day.


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I'll admit that I'm a little bit afraid of getting the vaccine. I have this thing about needles, and those needles are long ass needles.

My arms are kind of skinny, so I was afraid that they would push that needle in there and hit my bone :ohmy:. After I did some reading, I realized that was an unfounded fear. It seems that even if the needle hits your bone, which still freaks me out, it doesn't hurt. It may affect the effectiveness of the vaccine if the needle does hit your bone though.
I'm going to quote myself :) because I was wrong, wrong, wrong. I received my first covid vaccine yesterday, and I'm feeling fine today. I asked the guy about the needle size, and he said that the needles used to mix the vaccine are big. The needles used to actually administer are the same size as the flu vaccine needle. I guess I was looking at the needle used for mixing...ding dong :bonk:, got my panties all in a wad for nothing.