Corn on the Cob


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I got this recipe off Prodigy back in the early "90's and have been using it every since. It was posted by a man named Dave Limebock who at that time lived in the Golden Triangle area of North Carolina.

2 to 4 Ears Corn, fresh, with shucks and silks removed
1/3 Cup Water
Plastic Wrap, as needed
Butter, to taste
Salt and fresh ground Black Pepper, to taste
Place Corn in a microwave safe baking dish and add Water Cover the dish with Plastic Wrap and seal the sides. Place in a microwave and cook on high fro 6 minutes if cooking 2 ears, or 8 to 10 minutes if cooking 4. If the microwave being used does not have a turntable, turn the cooking dish half way during the cooking time.
Remove and let stand for a few minutes before removing the Plastic Wrap. Be very careful in removing the Wrap since steam has built up inside the dish and is very hot.
Spread Butter on the hot Corn, and sprinkle with Salt and Black Pepper to taste.

I mention this only because I bought the first locally grown corn yesterday. I wanted some strawberries too, but they are gone for this year. We had too much rain and there weren't very many this year. Well, at least we now have fresh local corn and it will be around for a few months. Some good stuff....
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Try this one on the grill, you might like it. Put the corn, husks and silk intact on the outer edge of the grill. Put the lid on the grill. Turn ninety degrees every fifteen minutes. At the forty five minute mark, put the steaks on. The corn will peel like a dream. I fold the husk back for a handle. For some reason the roasting intact really ramps up the flavor.