Coffee-Rubbed Skirt Steak

Ross in Ventura

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After reading Southern Living ULTIMATE book of BBQ
The Complete year around Guide to Grilling Smoking
By Pit-master Christopher Prieto

I came away with a lot more information about Southern
Cooking techniques and secrets from experts like Chef
Troy Black, Myron Mixon, and Rob Walsh. The author
Christopher Prieto said When I use coffee as a rub on
different cuts of beef, I use instant coffee instead of regular
ground coffee. Instant crystals melt into the meat better
and don't leave a mealy texture. So here it is.
Southern Living ULTIMATE book of BBQ

I had some Skirt Steak in the freezer so here it is with the recipe rub.

On the Grill Grates in the Big Green Egg @ 400* direct for a short sear.

It looks, feels, and smells ready pulled @ 10 minutes.

It tasted wonderful, the coffee takes this to a higher level

Served with Jackie's green rice and a kale, strawberry, parmesan cheese, and Marcona Almonds. This dinner gave me the inspiration to keep Grilling and Smoking with the recipes from this wonderful book.


Thanks for lookin!



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looks hella good. Me wants a smoker but me can't afford it.

Got a plane so i'm in the poor house.

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I miss Ross, too. He really knew his way around that BGE.

I did try a coffee rub one time - didn't care for it, as it was REALLY COFFEE tasting.