Chocolate tuiles


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Tuiles are wafer-thin almond biscuits that get their name from the French for 'tile', after the roof tiles they are meant to resemble. These chocolates are a play on the classic recipe and melt beautifully in the mouth.


25g caster sugar
1 tsp water
20g crushed almonds
100g chocolate of your choice, chopped or in pellet form


1.Make a light syrup by adding the sugar to the water in a pan and heating gently until the sugar is dissolved.
2.Add the almonds to the syrup and return to the heat. Cook on a low heat until a teaspoonful of syrup dropped into iced water forms a ball that yields to slight pressure and turns into a light caramel full of nuts.
3.Pour the caramel onto a sheet of baking parchment and leave to set into a toffee-like product. When set, crush the toffee into tiny pieces.
4.Temper the chocolate (see below) and mix the toffee pieces into the tempered chocolate.
5.Drop a teaspoon of the mixture onto a small piece of baking parchment – you need a piece of paper for each tuile.
6.Using the back of a teaspoon, spread the mixture into a disc.
7.Slightly drape the parchment over a bowl or rolling pin and leave the tuile to set in a curved shape.
8.When set, peel the paper from the tuile.

How to temper chocolate

1.Melt about two-thirds of the chocolate you'll need. Gradually stir in the remaining cold chocolate, stirring until melted. When no more solid chocolate will melt into the liquid, the chocolate is tempered.