Cherry Torte - ez+yummy


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this is dead easy - it does need 24 hr chill for best results.
the crust is the only baking bit - the rest is mix and spread....

Cherry Torte
Souths' Best Comfort Food
prepare 24 hrs in advance

Xmas 2018

preheat oven to 300'F

2 cups graham cracker crumbs
1 stick/4 oz butter
melt butter, blend into graham cracker crumbs
tamp into 9-9.5 inch diameter springform pan

bake 15 minutes @ 300'F
allow to cool thoroughly

bring 12 oz cream cheese to room temp
hand mixer blend in 1 c/115g confectioner/powdered/10X sugar
thin with 2 T milk

chop to medium fine dice 140g pecans

spread cream cheese over crust
spread chopped pecans over cream cheese; tamp into cream cheese to affix

whip 1 cup heavy cream to stiff peak
fold in 2T granulated sugar
1 t vanilla extract

spread whip cream mixture over pecans/cream cheese

slightly warm 21 oz cherry pie filling
stir in 1/2 t almond extract
spread over whipped cream

refrigerate 24 hours prior to service

run knife around vertical sides and remove springform
run long knife under crust to free from pan and
slide onto serving platter.


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I've got a note to try an Oreo crumb crust . . .

used LuckyLeaf pie filling - it was not as good as I remember. wonder if they've "gone Chinese".....