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Hi everyone! When I finally counted the hours I'm at the restaurant, it makes sense that I never get to check in at NCT any longer. We're coming up to our slower season and I may actually have the time to check in more frequently....and I'm actually closed tomorrow (which is highly irregular!). We got our liquor license in time for Mardi Gras.. all the final paperwork, drawings, ordering equipment and lining of the proverbial ducks is finished. The bar is being built tomorrow! Should give me room for 4 more seats in the house.

In addition to myself as executive chef, I now have a chef de cuisine, a sous chef and two cooks; three utility guys, a host, and 5 servers. I also have a pastry chef that comes in once a week. Lou is a complete and total partner in the business now, too. I'm still at 87% on urbanspoon, 57 out of 1036 restaurants on trip advisor and have a zagat rating of excellent for food. I am also a diner's choice award winner for brunch, Italian, and lunch on Open table. I've been working with lots of the local farmers and fishers, sourcing about 65% of my menu directly from the local markets. The crescent city farmer's market (Tuesday market) does lunch specials during the market hours. I've been asked to host the specials for the 5 Tuesday's in July. Should be hot, but exciting!

I adopted 2 6mos old kittens earlier this week (from the local shelter) to come live with Maxi and us...they are sisters from the same litter and I've named them Mrs. Stella Kowalski and Miss Blanche DuBois. The little sisters have been chilling in the guest room for the past two days, but they have to give up the digs today. Marianne and Jim are coming for a short visit and they have first call on the guest room.

I miss you all, and still love to come check out who's cooking what...I'll try to stop buy later or tomorrow when the guys are doing the bar build out!


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Sounds like things are really going well for you and Lou. I always knew you would have great success. The bar should be great for the profit line :clap:.


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Hi girl long time no see you. At any rate look on the bright side busy means things are working for you. My wife and I wanted to retire this year and signed she signed up for SS which I've been on a year already but we can't sell and go at this time so we hired a young couple to fill in for us a couple of days a week so they still have full time jobs but we can work with their days off with out problem. So at least we can take some time off something we haven't been able to do now for the last 5 years.

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Good to hear it is going well for you. The local products do enhance your food quality as long as you buy right. Would love to get down south some day.


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Hi Vera. Sounds like things are going GREAT for you guys. Awesome. I'm happy for you both. Liquor license can really be a business boost. Way to go. Your hard work is sure paying off.
Do check back when you can. it's great to hear from you, especially when you have big news like this time.


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It's always great to hear from you!

I'm happy to hear things are going well.