Buffalo chicken dip

Rob Babcock

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I like to make a very simple buffalo chicken dip. It's great for dipping (either veggies or low carb chips) and makes a fantastic filling for tortillas. It's so easy it's almost not a recipe, but here's the basics:

2-3 lbs of chicken. Most people would probably use breast meat but I like boneless, skinless thighs.
1 x 8 oz block of your favorite cream cheese, cut into about 10 chunks.
1 med onion, diced very fine.
1-1.5 C Frank's Red Hot (bottled sauce, found everywhere).
1/2 C ranch dressing.
1 TBSP of butter.
Salt, pepper, chile power, granulated garlic, onion powder & cayenne pepper to taste.

I start by tossing the chicken in a bowl with about 1/4 C of the Frank's sauce. After coating them liberally, spread them out on a sheet pan/cookie sheet. Tin foil or parchment paper will help minimize the mess. Then season the chicken with salt, pepper, chile powder, garlic, onion powder and a bit of cayenne. Obviously, if you don't like much heat go easy on the cayenne or omit it entirely. Pop the chicken in the oven; in mine it takes about 25 minutes @ 325 but adjust for your oven and the size of the chicken you're cooking.

While the chicken is cooking, begin sauteing the onion in the butter. Cook them on medium heat past translucent until they begin to brown (this may take 10 minutes depending on how fine they're chopped). Once the onions are nicely carmelized, add the Frank's hot sauce. I'd suggest about 1 C (I like a bit more 'cause I like heat). Bring it to a low simmer and start adding the cheese. I add it in a few chunks and a time and stir until it's all melted; be careful not to burn it. Once you've got it all incorporated, stir in the ranch dressing. Set aside.

Once the chicken is done (internal temp 165), allow it to cool enough to cut. Then cube it up. I like it diced to about 1/2" cubes, but cut it to whatever size you like.

Once cut, add the chicken to the sauce mix. At his point you can heat it up on the stove and you'll have a very nice dip. But if you want to make it a little more special, spoon it into a glass baking dish, top with a bit of shredded cheddar and brown it under the oven broiler.

Since the dish itself has almost no carbohydrates, I like to eat it with low carb wraps. For wraps I prefer Mission Carb Balance. They're white, very soft and trans-fat-free. Many low carb wraps are wheaty and heavy but these are almost identical to regular tortilla wraps. I also like Joseph's Lavosh. It's very low carb, tasty, and can be dried to make very good chips. To make chips, brush the lavosh with oil, cut into small squares and bake @ 250 for around 20 minutes, turning every five. Keep an eye on them so they don't burn. Both are available at Wal-Mart and many other stores. Alternatively you could serve it with leaf lettuce and make lettuce rolls.

Anyways, it's more work to describe it than make it!:wink: Try it for next weeks game!:readytoeat:


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This is some amazing dip Rob! Thanks for posting it. I never thought to put it in a wrap before, great idea :clap: