Brisket Burnt Ends


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I wanted to smoke some ribs over this past weekend and spotted a tiny 2.4lb brisket point, with a ridiculous price. I've always wanted to try making burnt ends, so I bought it.

I smoked it the way I would cook a whole packer, going by internal temp, and it only took a bit more than 3 hours to get to temp.

Chunked it up, put it in a foil pan with drippings and sauce, and let it go for another hour. Turned out dry and tough. I simmered them in more thinned sauce on top of the stove, but that didn't help much. Maybe I can make a Burnt End Hash out of them.

At least the ribs and ABT's turned out well.


Brisket in package.JPG

Brisket fat side.JPG

Burnt ends.JPG

Burnt ends sauced.JPG