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My husband used to stop at fast food on the way to work, but for the last couple of years started to make his own.
Sunday night: make sausage patties and biscuits
During the week: just put them together with some cheese, zap in the micro. He wraps them in foil and takes to work.
Fry the sausage, keep in crumbles. Use during the week to make b'fast burritos. Wraps in foil...

Today, found out son is going to Denver with bandmates for a gig. I offered to make breakfast. But noticed he finished the eggs yesterday.
So, I took a can of biscuits, cut them in half, then split each one, laid them down in the pan. Topped with leftover aforementioned sausage crumbles, some grated sharp cheddar, the rest of the biscuits, poured a bit of melted butter over, baked.
It provided a pan o' breakfast, used up leftovers, got the sausage, cheese,biscuits, butter on sale.