Bread Machine - Potato Bread Recipe Question


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I want to make potato bread dough using a bread machine.

The recipe calls for 1/2 cup mashed potato (I don't want to use dry potato flakes).

Would/Should I add the ingredients in this order:

Using Bread Machine to make dough:
1. Liquid ingredients (water, eggs, milk, fat, honey)
2. Flour, to “seal” in the liquid
3. Other dry ingredients (dry milk, salt, sugar, seasonings)
- Add potatoes then other dry ingredients on top of them?
4. Add the yeast last

In another order?

Thank you in advance.


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I'm not sure that I'm understanding your question completely. Both milk and dry milk?

My take right now...start with all the liquid ingredients, then add the mashed potatoes, then add all the dry ingredients, with the yeast last.

Second thought - maybe you should look for a different recipe.
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I believe you got the order right. One thing I would say for sure is to follow the instructions provided by the bread machine. If the bread machine specify that the yeast is to be placed into the pan first you may have to reverse the order.