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Twelve or fifteen years ago I bought a really good pepper mill and started buying Tellicherry pepper corns and grinding my own black pepper. Before that I had always used that dust called black pepper that comes in a box that is found on supper market shelves. After tasting real fresh ground black pepper I never went back to the stuff I had used for years.
What a GREAT TASTE and difference!:clap:
Just wondering how many of you on NCT have made the switch and are using fresh ground black pepper and how many are still using the grocery store dust.


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we switched in the early 80's somewhere . . .

I have a collection of the old old all metal McCormick spices cans - with the sliding metal top lid - cute (g)

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I switched a good few years ago. I keep a grocery store one for the kids, who somehow prefer that, though.

Lately I'm using a white pepper but I've loved all the colors and flavors !!!


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Yes, I grind my own peppercorns.

I have some regular black peppercorns, and some odd long, skinny ones that I got as a gift (hardly any "bite" to those at all, but a nice flavor).

I've had tellicherry peppercorns, too, and like them!



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Penzey’s has a 4 peppercorn mix, that contains Black Tellicherry, Green Mysore, White from Sarawak, and Pink peppercorns form Reunion.
Kind of pricy since a 2 cup jar cost over $35, but I bet the taste is GREAT.