Black Cumin Seeds


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I've never heard of them, DB, but I'm interested in hearing how you like them.

I LOVE cumin, and always toast the seeds before grinding them. I wonder how different the black seeds taste.



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We haven't used them yet. He found them at a spice shop in the Farmer's market we went to Sunday. He got some juniper berries too. Said there were several spices he'd never heard of, and of course he wouldn't ask what they were used for (I'll probably get in trouble for writing that, even though all women know most men won't ask questions :wink:) and he didn't have his phone because it was nearly dead and he left it in car to charge, so he couldn't look them up. I was at the incense shop several aisles over getting stuff for DD while he went to the spice shop because we were both hungry and wanted to get out of there to get breakfast. We'll both check it out next time and hopefully they'll be open a little earlier as they were closed on our first run through the market. Big market, over 350 stalls.

Anyway, it appears it's used in Indian, Persian, etc cooking a lot. We were looking at various recipes yesterday.
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