Baked halibut


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I love baked halibut and so does my family. Here is how I fix it-

a fresh 2 lb. halibut steak
spread olive oil all over the steak
sprinkle Tony's on top and bottom
place on foiled cookie pan
sprinkle Johnnie's garlic salt on top
spread Italian bread crumbs on top evenly
add 1/2 STICK of butter in pats all over top
cook at 400 degrees for 15-18 minutes until translucent
squeeze lemon or lime on top and serve with Beaver brand tarter sauce.
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Sounds good. I beleive I know what Tonys you are referring to, its that New Orleans spice mixture, right?


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Yep, Tony Chachere's is the one and only. I do like Old Bay once in a while if I want a little less Cajun for a change, but Tony's is usually everyone's first choice.



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Halibut steaks are not my first choice of fish, but with 1/2 POUND of butter, on it, I'd LOVE it!




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i'm gonna have to try this. thanks, pap. you black sheep know how to eat!

the last good halibut i had was poached in a light saffron, tomato, and garlic broth. man, i'm getting hungry for fish.


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We love halibut as with all fish, it needs to be fresh. I was in our local Costco looking for some steelhead and saw the fresh halibut and bought it instead. I like it poached as well, but this method is pretty quick to fix and that's what I was looking for last night. I have fixed halibut this way many times before and it always comes out great.



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Just finished dinner. Yum. I used cod instead of halibut and instant mashed potato flakes instead of Italian bread crumbs. It was really good and I'm filing the recipe away for future use. Tony's is super good. I gave each side a light coating. The first couple bites only revealed a hint of Creole flavor and I thought I didn't use enough. However, sneaky Tony built up bite after bite and by the time my fish was consumed I had a mouthful of Louisiana flavors.

Thanks again, Pappy. Good stuff. :thumb:
Cod is a great sub for this type of recipe. Haddock, Scrod, & Pollock too for that matter. Pretty much any thick-cut white-fleshed fish.

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I made this Mediterranean fish dish with halibut last night. The sauce was made with olive oil, shallots finely chopped, garlic, capers,
coriander, paprika, cayenne, cumin, lemon juice, lemon zest, and a jar of my home canned tomatoes. It was baked in the oven for 20 min. at 400°F.