Baked Chile Rellenos


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Okay, this is a work in progress, and I welcome advice on helping me make the dish I'm dreaming of.

I love cheese-stuffed chile rellenos, but I hate making them. I really do not like to fry stuff in oil (I like to order it out, but not make it at home).

I'm trying to develop a dish will be much easier, faster, and still taste somewhat like the original dish of stuffed, battered and fried chiles.

Someone on another forum said she just split and seeded fresh chiles, stuffed them with cheese, battered them with tempura batter, and baked them on a Pammed cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven until the cheese melted.

I roasted and peeled my poblanos. (I might try canned chiles sometime).

Then stuffed each poblano with two jalapeno mozzarella cheese sticks. Then used my Fish and Chips batter mix to dip them in, and baked them at 400 for 20 minutes. Not pretty.

But I think I'm onto something here. The batter was not the right one to use. But chiles tasted good anyway! The flavor of the peppers and cheese was delicious!

Plated with some homemade hot Italian sausage (gift from a neighbor) and a little salsa.

Can any of you talented cooks here help me make a baked chile relleno that's EASY and almost as good as the fried ones?



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Lee, it's hard to imagine a wet batter staying in place for that recipe, especially tempura batter, which is typically much thinner than regular batter.

Perhaps if you dipped the chiles in something dry (tempura mix) then something wet (egg maybe) then rolled them in more dry tempura mix, you'd have a coating that would stick. It would be more like a breading than a batter, but the flavor would be there.


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Hmmm, SS, not quite the "easy" I was hoping, but the result might be better.

It's worth a try - thanks!



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I tried this last week. I scorched, seeded and chopped some (7) poblanos, mixed them together with, salt, 1/2 chopped white onion, one package queso quesadilla, cubed and an egg in a casserole dish and baked until the cheese was melted. It was not quite as good as fried but the whole thing got eaten that same day. That many fried ones usually take two or three days to finish off.


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I like a crispy fried relleno, so if I were to do an oven version, I'd probably do a "shake-n-you-know-what" version, either store-bought or home made version. an Oven fry. Spray the assembled, cheese-filled chilies with oil, coat with a breadcrumb/cornmeal mixture.
Otherwise, putting them in a pan and baking ala an egg dish for the soft versions, would help with serving.