Bacon - Green Onion Quiche


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quiche is basically an egg custard in a baked crust.

the custard bit is just beaten eggs + heavy/light/half&half cream.

the rest is flavorful additives - which will vary by taste.

I'm veddy fond of fresh / chopped spinach for the green bits . . .

bacon bits - must be extra crispy, they go soggy in the egg mix.
alternatives: chopped (ham/prosciutto/pepperoni/pastrami/hard fried sausage) - all savory . . .

the onion component: green/aka scallion/yellow onion/leek/shallot . . .

seasonings: salt/pepper/mustard/nutmeg/fennel/rosemary/chives - - - long long list....
be cautious - some seasonings (especially 'dried') are very 'powerful' in relation to amount used

try some stuff you like - quiche abounds!

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Chowder, I've been quiche happy in recent months.
I've made several with different recipes posted.

Thanks for the info.

Sass Muffin

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I'll let it sit and cool before slicing.