Apple quark pie


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I made this at the last weekend.


125 g butter
1,5 dl sugar (0.6 cup)
1 egg
1,5 dl wheat flour (1 cup)
1 dl potato flour*
1 teaspoon baking powder
(1 teaspoon vanilla sugar)
2 - 3 sliced apples
cinnamon, sugar

Quark filling:
250 g quark
0,5 dl milk or cream
o,5 dl sugar
1 egg

*Note: You can also use only wheat flour (2,5 dl).

Cream together the butter and sugar. Add the egg. Mix the flour, baking powder and add to the mixture. Pour into a greased baking dish.

Add the slices of apples and pour sugar and cinnamon over the apples. Pour quark filling over the apples. Bake at +225 C/+392 F for 30 minutes.


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quark is a good thing. ultra-yummy thinnish clotted cream cheese kind'a thing.

I've bought imported quark in high end stores - yuck.
I've attempted home made quark - double ucky yuck.

quark on cornflakes with a spritz of blueberries - veddy yummy.
but you can't get any decent quark stuff here.....


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Well, I am unsure how I should translate this ingredient - quark or curd as curd refers to different fairy product in here than in other countries. Basicly it is an acidified milk product. It is done from milk by lactic acid bacteria and rennet.

The Swedish quark mentioned in this article is almost similar like what is used in Finland:

Johnny West

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I'd use creme frais so my son could eat it. He avoids cheese with rennet and we try to accommodate him when we can. I've made a similar pie using rhubarb.