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tonight, there will be desert....


using filo dough as a sub for the strudel dough.
golden delicious, with raisins.
note to self: cinnamon burns at 400'F

(the apples produced a lot of liquid after sitting in the cin-sugar mix one hour - drizzled that over the top....)


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Looks great!! If you have a recipe can you post it or answer a few questions.
How many apples did you use?
How many leaves (or did you use 1/2 or 1 pound) of filo did you use?
Baking instructions?



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duck simple.

four medium size golden delicious.

we have a peeler/slicer/corer gizmo - so it's peel/quarter the slices.
150g white sugar (3/4 cup) + 2 T cinnamon

toss to coat add raisins / nuts (optional); allow to stand one hour

handful of raisins that have soaked over night. soak in water/white wine/brandy/bourbon - chef's choice.

while the apples are macerating preheat oven to 425'F / using a stone.

melt about 6 T butter; brush handy
for rolling/handling - plastic coated freezer paper
lay out the filo on the paper - one packet = 1/2 lb:

4-5 plies thickness - overlapped & glued together with butter
side to side, then two more extending the "length" - total of four panes buttered together.
drain the apple mix
spread apple mix on filo dough - not real close to the "sides"
pick up the freezer paper and start rolling the dough & filling into a log - buttering the outside as you you.

with baking sheet handy, finish the last "rolling" onto parchment paper.

I reserve 3-4 sheets for a final "swaddling" to make it pretty. tucked under.
butter top - optional drizzle with apple/cin juice - light sprinkle with granulated sugar.

the high oven temp helps "set" the dough, but turn it down to 350'F when you put the strudel in. I left it at 425'F and in about 6 minutes the top was too dark....

ps: this is the peeler. they are not all created equal - this one works as advertised
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Still trying to get it right.
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Thank you for the recipe CM.

I got one of those machines years ago after seeing The Frugal Gourmet use one on his show. Not sure what brand it is and mine is all silver.

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Mouth-wateringly delicious-looking, Chowder!