Acorn Squash Ideas Please?

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I bought this tiny one and need some ideas.
I've already found two recipes, but would like more.
Stuff it with sausage, rice and apples?
Slice and roast it with herbs?



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One of my favorite vegetables, and so many things to do with it!

I like it just cut in half, salted and peppered, wrapped in foil and roasted cut side down for an hour at 350. Topped with butter. I eat one at least every other week, instead of potato or rice.

My best friend likes it sweet, with brown sugar, maple syrup, dried cranberries, maybe some nuts.

Evidently, I made it one time stuffed with Swedish meatballs and gravy (lost the photo).

Roasted slices would be great, too, either sweet or savory.

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Johnny West

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I bought my first of the new crop of local acorn squash the other day and will do one this weekend. They are my favorite.