3 Ingredient Yogurt Cake

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This creamy, custard-like cake is just 3 ingredients and doesn't require flour, butter or oil! The batter takes only 5 minutes to prepare and you don't even need a mixer to make it.
  • This is a low sugar cake and the only sweetness comes from the yogurt. If you desire a sweeter cake, you can add about 1/4 cup of granular sugar.

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Well, I made this.

Ordered a 6-inch springform pan from Amazon. Cute little thing. Comes with parchment circles for the bottom, but I used a sheet of parchment, as per directions.

6 inch pan.JPG

I used whole milk vanilla yogurt, no sugar. It puffed up high in the oven, like a souffle.

Yogurt cake 1, puffed.JPG

Collapsed immediately when out of the oven and cooled. VERY rustic!

Yogurt cake 2, collapsed.JPG

I tried a slice. Stiff custard consistency. Not at all sweet, rather bland.

Yogurt cake 3, cut.JPG

I heated up some blueberry sauce that I'd made and was proud of before it jellied-up on me. When I added some water and heated up the sauce, it was better. Didn't improve the "cake" much.

Blueberry sauce.JPG

Yogurt cake 4, with blueberry.JPG

Well, it was an interesting experiment. Now I have a craving for a little blueberry cheesecake!