2021 - What have you baked lately?


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The old thread is really long, and I am having trouble finding the goodies I'm looking for. So I thought I would start a new thread if that's ok. If not ok just delete it.

I'll kick it off with my first time fruit tart. I baked it on New Year's Day 1/1/2021. It turned out good, but I need to tweek the crust a bit. It was a bit to crunchy. And next time I will just do fresh strawberries and use strawberry preserves to brush top.




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Beautiful, Peep!

Within this past week, I saw a doctor on TV say that ANY kind of berry is very good for you, not just blueberries. So, after many, many years, I've reintroduced myself to blackberries. I have half a dozen of them on my breakfast plate every morning and am enjoying the heck out of them!