2021 Thanksgiving Plans (U.S.A. - 11/25/2021)


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Well it looks good and didn’t run over as much as usual. So if it’s not as sweet, it should be better for us. No? If I was Julia, she would say that’s how she meant it to be.

Apple Pie



🤷‍♀️ Still trying to get it right.
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Well, I got my pumpkin pies done without any mishap. All I have to do are the things I like fresh on the day.

Have a happy, healthy and safe day, everyone!

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Sass Muffin

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I had turkey, green bean casserole, mash and gravy.
Also had 2 deviled eggs and pie, not shown.
There's Pam over there struggling with her plate. 😄
They fed us good.
I'm whipped and stuffed!

Johnny West

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There was to much food… every one went home with lots of leftovers. I was discounted in the cheap Turkey I bought. It was stringy and difficult to carve but will make a nice soup tomorrow. It tasted good, though so shouldn’t complain to much.