2019 Thanksgiving Menu


Still trying to get it right.
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This is the rough menu at this time. Things may change due to availability/price and my energy levels. LOL I make small amounts of each appy and veggie (about 8 servings of each, enough for seconds) so as not to have much leftovers (main meal and possibly a second leftover meal).
I may make small/mini pies (TBDL).


Cream Cheese, Green Olive and Walnuts Poppers
Marinated mushrooms
Stuffed Mushrooms


Roasted Turkey
DD's Green bean Casserole
Brussels Sprouts
Baked Carrots
Creamed Pearl Onions
Sweet Potato & Acorn Squash
Mashed Turnip Root, Red and Yukon potatoes
Sautéed mushrooms
Turkey Gravy
Cranberry/Tangerine Relish
Homemade Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce


Apple pie
Pumpkin pie
Homemade Whipped cream


Sparkling cranberry apple cider
Trader Joe's Apple Cider (Honey crisp and/or spiced)

Sass Muffin

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I'm working Thanksgiving Day.
I've been told they put on a fabulous dinner.
We shall see.


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today while shopping, perused the Butterball turkeys on the way to thinking about one for Thanksgiving....

nothing but big turkeys - $70 for a turkey.... ah, gotta' work on this one a bit....


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No surprises, same as every year.

Fresh turkey
Sausage/bread stuffing
Mashed potatoes
Green beans with sauteed mushrooms
French fried onions (Durkee)
Jellied cranberry sauce
Olives and celery dish

I might make a dessert this year, but no one ever wants it after dinner.



Still trying to get it right.
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We have a free 21 lb. turkey in freezer & a will pick up a free 7 lb. turkey breast next week (will be used for New Year's turkey sandwiches).


Still trying to get it right.
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I am making my Thanksgiving sides ahead of time so I can just roast turkey and reheat sides on T-say.
Does anyone have a link to or a PDF timetable (with heating instructions) guide line? TIA
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We bought a whole duck and a fresh turkey. I'll be breaking them both down and using parts for different things. Duck breasts will be wrapped and frozen. Legs will be confited for a cassoulet later.

Our menu will be:

Turducken roulade made with thigh meat, with a bacon lattice, smoked with cherry chunks with 1 of the turkey breasts. Other breast will be roasted in oven.

2 stuffings/dressings, one wild rice and dried cherry based, the other bread crumb and raw andouille sausage based, some of each will be in the roulade and rest will be on side

Sweet potatoes made in the style of Bananas Foster, it's something Craig came up with 1 year.

Brussel sprouts cooked some way, we haven't decided yet.

Gravy made with stock from Turkey carcass, wings and legs, and duck wings. There will also be pug treats involved after cooking...:clap:

Homemade rolls of some kind.

I'm going to try reverse spherification to make caviar/pearls with cranberry/cherry juice for a nontraditional cranberry dish.

Don't really have a dessert planned, but was thinking about making some cookies with almond butter and cacao nibs.
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