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    What's your favorite Apple Dish?

    Oh those additions would only make this recipe better! I noted those on and will definately add those next time - with the exception of the raisins. My kids won't touch them. LOL. This is a picture of the one I made. It's not beautiful, but it's delicious for sure.
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    Saturday 8/13/11 What's on the menu?

    Delicious looking dinners everyone!! I grilled some pork chops and served them with garlic mashed potatoes, brussles sprouts and cinnamon apples. I made a rub from brown sugar, onion and garlic powder, thyme, s&p and smoked paprika. I used some of the juices that came from the chops on the...
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    8/11/2011 What's gonna be on your table?

    We had an early dinner tonight: Chicken and smoked sausage gumbo. There's some rice under there somewhere. :)
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    What's for dinner Monday August 8, 2011?

    Change of plans. No chicken piccata because I had no lemons. So, I seared some b/s chicken breasts in olive oil and then simmered them in a sauce made from CoC soup and chicken broth, onions, mushrooms, salt and pepper. Served it over egg noodles with sauteed squash and zucchini.
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    Sunday..08/07/11..What's To Eat?

    I gotta post quick because it's bedtime for the kids. But let me say that everyone's meals look fantastic! :thumb: I went to Publix today and their salmon looked really good so I picked up three of the middle pieces (we had a friend over for dinner too) and some shrimp for DH. I picked up some...
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    Summer Site/Sightseeing

    Oh Mama, I LOVE the Fox Theatre! DH and I saw David Gray there a few years ago and it was so beautiful! We don't have alot of touristy type things here in N. Alabama. We have the U.S. Space and Rocket Center and lots of nature/hiking trails, rivers, lakes, etc. There are wonderful beaches down...
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    Random Picture Thread - Part Deux

    A few new ones of my kiddos. :)
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    Dinner, Friday, May 27/2011

    I tried a new recipe I found in Bon Appetit magazine. It's basically a chicken stir fry with ginger, garlic, scallions and soy sauce served in a butter lettuce cup and topped with chopped cashews. It was delicious! DH was skeptical, but he loved it! I added some rice to the cup and topped it...
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    Wednesday, 5/25/2011, Whats on the menu today?

    Grilled Chicken with grilled potatoes, onions and mushrooms and fresh corn. Oh and the rest of the tomato salad from last night.
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    Tuesday 5/24/11, What will make it's way to your plate?

    We had grilled ribs, fresh corn and tomato salad (for me) spinach salad for DH. The kids won't eat ribs, so they fish sticks.
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    TGIFriday, 5/20/2011, Whats on the menu today?

    Looks delicious Mama. I want those dumplings! I grilled ribeyes and made some twice-baked potatoes:
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    Questions from a Stay at Home Mom for Working Parents

    I borrowed this from a friend on FB. It's great and soooooo true! :yum:
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    non-food items you luv!~

    Oops, I just realized one of mine was food related! LOL! Here's another. Waiting for the new season in January! :)
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    non-food items you luv!~

    Since we can post people: Johnny Rzenick - Goo Goo Dolls :brows: :yum: My Camera Fresh Peaches :)
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    Monday, 5/16/2011, What's making it's way to the table?

    Norm and Mama - BEAUTIFUL dinners!! We had fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts with onions and bacon. I made mac and cheese for DH and the kids. They won't touch brussels sprouts. LOL.
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    Random Picture Thread - Part Deux

    We took the kids to the zoo a couple of weeks back and I just fell in love with this guy! Oh to be so comfortable! :lol:
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    Wednesday, 5/11/2011, Whats on the menu today?

    Love your soup Norm! Looks really good and Mama those ribs - OMG! I know what I am buying at the grocery store tomorrow. :) I was thinking about making stir fry like Peeps suggested earlier but I'm out of rice and veggies. A trip to the market is in order because I want that stir fry too :)...
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    dinner, sunday, may 8th

    We had roast with balsamic glazed onions and cherry tomatoes, and mac and cheese. I didn't get pics of dinner, but I did get some of dessert: strawberry shortcake. :)
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    TGIFriday, 5/6/2011, Whats on the menu today?

    Mama - love those sloppy joe's and the taters look awesome! Peeps - those eggs look perfect and your chicken thigh look delicious SS. Guts and Nancy - your dinners look wonderful too! That pizza is calling to me! :) We grilled ribeyes tonight with buttered egg noodles with mushrooms, peas and...
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    Anyone coloring Easter Eggs ....

    Pretty, Lee! We're coloring Easter Eggs here too. All the kids in the family are coming here for an egg hunt on Sunday! :w00t::lol: We have a tradition for Easter where I take some eggs, poke holes at either end of the egg and blow out all of the contents, rinse with water and let them dry...