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  1. Biskit

    Crazy Christmas

    This is funny. We all have relatives we'd like to pull this on Long read, but funny...
  2. Biskit

    Old Guy, New Toy, Need Help

    I became the recipient of an ipad through a drawing held at an eatin' joint we frequent. Here's the deal: Each of our two computers has its own air card for internet access through our cellular provider. I shopped our local Walmart in search of a wireless router so I could use the Wi-Fi with...
  3. Biskit


    About 4 days ago, I got a warning of virus infection from a site that has the appearances of Windows Security. We have McAfee installed and got no warning from them. Now, the Windows Security Center won't go away. Keeps popping up with alerts. However, it's not a free download and wants $$$...
  4. Biskit

    Biskit's TART'r' Sauce

    So, it would seem that Mrs. Biskit has decided to pick up some extra hours at the nursing home where she's a CNA. She tells Biskit that she won't be home til 9 pm or so. This leaves ol' Biskit in a quandry. He's gotta git his own supper! Being no stranger to the freezer, Biskit snoops in...
  5. Biskit

    Camcorder Question

    I spotted a digital camcorder at Wallyworld. DGX 563. It's marked down to $89 from $96. Their site has it listed for $109. 5.1 MP. Product reviews are had to come by, but sound good. Is this a good deal for the money?
  6. Biskit

    I'm Getting Annoyed!!!!

    In the past three or four days, I have been getting popup ads ONLY when I log into FF or NCT. I'm thinking it's something in the server Doc uses as I didn't get anything on NTT, which is still, I think, on a different server. Oh Doc? Is there a fix for that??? All those popups loading makes...
  7. Biskit

    Soooooooo.............Tell Me...........

    Where in the basic food groups do beer and chocolate fall? Yes, I'm being silly.
  8. Biskit

    Your Opinions Wanted

    Hypothetical situation: You live in a town that is over a hundred years old. An upcoming vote asks you to decide between the following: 1) New water and sewer mains to replace antiques already in the ground 2) Renovate parking lots downtown to give a facelift to an area which is no longer the...
  9. Biskit

    Sometimes a Second Look Before Pressing "Send" Ain't a Bad Idea.

    Man Kills Self Before Shooting Wife and Daughter This one I caught in the SGV Tribune the other day and called the Editorial Room and asked who wrote this. It took two or three readings before the editor realized that what he was reading was impossible!!! They put in a correction the next...
  10. Biskit


    Some of you have wished me well, as if it were me who was experiencing the flooding on the Red River in Fargo, North Dakota. I appreciate your concerns, but I'm not even close. Fargo lies some 80 miles east of me in the Red River Valley. About 40 miles east of me, should one travel from...
  11. Biskit

    Tuesday Funny

    Good ones! Lefty! ::applause: