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    Random Picture Thread - Part Deux

    :w00t2::w00t2: You are too much Sass!!! LOL!!! Made my Monday...Have a good week....:yum:
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    Random Picture Thread - Part Deux

    Awesome pics there HC & Cooksie....Really beautiful!:agree:
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    Getting Glass Mirrors Smudge Free

    Hello everyone...How do you get smudges off of pics/mirror where they look sparkling clean? Do know I polish the wood frame surrounding being really particulate not to get on glass but, still looks horrible...:unsure: Really have ocd about this and have for years but never figured out what...
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    Merry Christmas To All Of You & Yours

    Wanting to wish you all here at NCT, my friends, a Very Merry Christmas! Do have a safe one also for those that will be traveling. I count my Blessings for many things this year and just want to let you all know, you are One of them. Bless Each and Everyone Here, sh/Meme;):beer:
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    Quick & Easy Pumpkin Bread Recipe Please

    I am looking for a good easy pumpkin bread that I can put some up in the freezer for the holidays. Also, would like a good chocolate chip cookie recipe besides the one on the back of the pkg of Nestles Chocolate Chips but nothing that takes alot of preparing. I am not a baker since none of...
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    A Place On NCT To Save Recipes or Posts

    Is there a place on here where we can save postings, recipes, pics, etc here on this forum? I have been printing but it sure would be convenient to be able to go back to a particular file and look up fairly quickly.
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    Turkey/Chicken Dressing Casserole Recipe?

    Does anyone have a good either turkey or chicken cornbread dressing recipe I might try for this next week? Been hungry already for turkey and dressing.
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    Pork Chops Cooked In Oven Recipe

    Does anyone have suggestions on recipes for cooking up some pork chops in the oven. I am trying to avoid frying if possible even though that is my favorite. Even some type of casserole with the chops over liguini (sp??), broccoli, onion, or whatever. Just some suggestions and if any pics...
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    Oven Fried Squash

    If I put sliced seasoned squash in flour, then egg and pat with bread crumbs, probably panko and put in oven, will it come out fried like or will it be kinda of soggy and blah? Also, how long would I need to bake and what temp? Thanks