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  1. UnConundrum

    ECG - Again

    Well, I couldn't convince any of you to come last year, but I'll try again. This year's ECG is scheduled for May 28 at my place near Allentown, PA. Sign-up info can be found HERE ECG stands for East Coast Gathering and was started in another forum for kitchen knife enthusiasts. It's...
  2. UnConundrum

    Fat Daddio's

    I always thought I stayed pretty current with cookware, etc. but was really surprised when I stumbled on Fat Daddio's line of bakeware when visiting the Kitchen Shoppe in Carlisle, PA yesterday. Two things impressed me. First, they have some hard to find sizes of rectangular cake pans, such as...
  3. UnConundrum

    When you break eggs, make an omelet

    Wednesday evening my wife told me she took some salmon out of the freezer for dinner. Hmmmmm. OK, I don't remember there being any salmon, but if she says she found some salmon, must be. As dinner time rolled around, I figured it was time to get started cooking. I looked at these unusually...
  4. UnConundrum

    Reindeer Run - 2010

    This year's bread is a blend of freshly ground hard winter white wheat and KAAP, with 5% honey, 66% hydration. Made 63 Loaves. Right now, the WFO has been fired, ashes removed and the temps are equalizing. Ready to bake in about 15. First pic is of the 37# of wheat that was ground about 3...
  5. UnConundrum

    Kneading Conference - 2nd day

    Today was another informative day. My only complaint about the conference is that it was only 2 days and none of the workshops were repeated. i spent the morning in Richard Miscovich's presentation on baking in a WFO. He covered several interesting topics and the pictures show him making a...
  6. UnConundrum

    Kneading Conference - 1st day

    Gotta say, I'm really glad I made the trip. Started out with a keynote about soil and how we're not caring for it. Usually I turn off the political extremism, but today's presentation was well supported and informational. He talked about the difference organic material in the soil makes to...
  7. UnConundrum

    Prepping for road trip

    Starting to pack for this weekend, we leave for Portland, Maine, for a few days of lobster, and then up to Skowkegan for the Kneading Conference :) Half teasing I mentioned it to my wife about a month ago, and she responded with "Let's go." I'm really looking forward to it. I feel I have so...
  8. UnConundrum

    Been quiet in the bread subforum

    Isn't anyone baking bread anymore? Here's one I did today, 50% home ground hard white wheat and 50% KAAP. 5% honey and 70% hydration.
  9. UnConundrum

    Mom again, Chocolate sour cream cake

    Well, the last one on Mom's must do list is the chocolate cake. Going to work on that tonight. Wonder what she left out this time? Notice that she doesn't have a name on the recipe :)
  10. UnConundrum

    Mom again, Apple Cake this time :)

    Mom has been pushing me to root through her recipe box. I figured I'd be sorry some day if I didn't start. She insisted I start with the apple cake and then a sour cream chocolate cake... So today, we started with the apple cake. Made out far better than the first run on the marble cake...
  11. UnConundrum

    More cake help needed....

    Made the marble cake again today to take to my father for Father's day. Mom says that was his favorite. The last one, despite falling, was so great, I went out and bought a new heavy alumn. bundt pan. Well, this one fell even worse. Looks great on the outside, but I just don't get the...
  12. UnConundrum

    Need some cake help

    I uncovered one of my mother's recipe caches and tried her "famous" marble cake. Now, I bake a lot of bread, but never a standard cake before. I found this cake to be on the dry side. What makes a cake dry? Not enough butter? Batter worked too long? Over baked (this is my favorite. Recipe...
  13. UnConundrum

    ecg - pics

    I know I couldn't talk anyone into joining us, but here's some pics in case I can convince you to join us next year.
  14. UnConundrum

    ECG - Friday night dinner, time to sign up!

    If any of you are coming to the ECG (and we surely hope there is a NCT showing) now is the time to commit to the Friday night dinner so I can get reservations in. We'll be going (Dutch treat) to the Savory Grille ( which is about 10 minutes from my place. It's a very nice...
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    I hope this is the right subforum and members actually read these.... Anyway, as some of you know, every year for the past several, we've held an East Coast Gathering at my home in Bechtelsville, PA. It started over at the "In the Kitchen" subforum of We get together for the...
  16. UnConundrum

    Is Anyone familiar with MFP (modified atmosphere packaging)?

    I'm curious about modified atmosphere packaging. I have a pretty darn good chamber vac that has fittings for gas. My wife and I were discussing how I had found a really good source for salad greens, if we buy a good volume, but the greens deteriorate before we get to them. I was thinking that...
  17. UnConundrum

    Banana blossoms

    I was walking through a local asian market and saw a bunch of banana blossoms in a vegetable bin. Has anyone ever cooked with them? How would you use them?
  18. UnConundrum

    Black Bear Loin - Suggestions?

    A friend dropped of some Black Bear loin. I never cooked bear although I had some at a high end restaurant in Baltimore once that we just loved (cooked in a puff pastry). Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prepare the loin?
  19. UnConundrum

    Anyone live in Eastern PA ?

    I have a friend in Reading, PA who owns a BBQ supply store. I promised him that I'd stop by on Saturday with some doughs and do a demo baking bread on various cookers. Most will probably be on BGEs, but I believe the folks from BBQ Guru will be bringing up one of their new, unreleased...
  20. UnConundrum

    68th anniversary

    Today is my parent's 68th anniversary! I'm truly lucky to have them this long. Dad, at 93, is fighting Alzheimer's so we took a meal to them. I made lobster bisque, a challah, rack of veal, a noodle pudding (lukshen kugel) and cinnamon buns for dessert :) Dad didn't want to eat the meat, but...