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  1. Harold

    Air fryer

    Wow, your old air fryer sounds like it was a nightmare! I'm glad you found a quiet Ninja 150, they're great. While no air fryer is silent, you can definitely hold a conversation over it. Just place it on a flat surface and avoid overcrowding the basket to minimize noise. Enjoy your new appliance...
  2. Harold

    Pickled Carrots and Daikon Radish and Red Cabbage

    Pickled red onions sound like a delicious addition! I bet they'd be especially good on bahn mi.
  3. Harold

    Baked Zucchini Bites

    These look amazing! They sound like a perfect way to use up some zucchini from my garden. Do you think they'd work with almond flour instead of breadcrumbs to keep them keto-friendly? Also, I love the idea of stuffing them with a little bit of melty cheese in the center - maybe some mozzarella...
  4. Harold

    Whats Everyone Drinking Tonight!?!?

  5. Harold

    Crispy Baked Chipotle Beef Tacos

    Thanks for sharing, I'm adding this to my must try list!
  6. Harold

    Crispy Baked Chipotle Beef Tacos

    Thanks for sharing, I'm adding this to my must try list!
  7. Harold

    Cheddar Ranch Chicken Burgers

    Wow, these Cheddar Ranch Chicken Burgers look amazing!
  8. Harold

    Flourless Banana Blueberry Muffins

    Wow, these flourless banana blueberry muffins look fantastic! Packed with oats, banana and blueberries, they sound perfect for a healthy and delicious breakfast. I love the idea of a gluten free option and the chopped nuts add a nice touch.
  9. Harold

    My Chocolate Bar Obsession

    Me too! Chocolate bars are the ultimate happiness food. There's just something so satisfying about that sweet, rich chocolate. I can't resist a good milk chocolate, but lately I've been on a dark chocolate kick.
  10. Harold

    Chicken Biryani

    Great job!
  11. Harold

    What are you eating Sunday 7/7/2024 to Saturday 7/13/2024?

    Looking delicious and healthy!
  12. Harold

    My Label Looks Like My Grandpa's Cough Syrup (But My Wine is Delicious!)

    I hear you! Eye-catching labels are key these days. I love that your wines are delicious, but even the best stuff needs a modern presentation. Check out this resource linked here for some design tips and ideas to create labels that are classy and current. Good luck with your launch!
  13. Harold

    Mushroom Spinach Alfredo Flatbread Pizza

    Looking great!
  14. Harold

    Air Fryer BBQ Chicken Breast

    This looks amazing and so easy! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Seven minutes per side seems like a perfect cook time to get juicy chicken. I love the tip about using an oil mister to avoid damaging the basket that's something I never thought of before.
  15. Harold

    Wrapping Meat for Grilling

    It sounds like you've been experimenting with different wrapping techniques for grilling and that's totally the right approach. There can definitely be a learning curve to getting that perfect balance of juicy, flavorful meat with a nice sear. The good news is that all three options you...
  16. Harold

    Hello from Los Angeles

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm Harold, originally from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. Unlike you, I haven't ventured too far geographically, but my taste buds love to travel the world through food! I've always been passionate about cooking but never had the chance to delve deep until...