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  1. Carolina Cooking

    Its Sunday.. whats for dinner

    I am making a ham. A very big one. :thumb: :cooking:
  2. Carolina Cooking

    Nov 4th friday dinner thread

    I have so much planned for today I don't know what to do first. :mellow: oh ya. dinner . I bought some fresh shrimp yesterday because of Cooksies recipe she posted the other day. I bought some chicken breasts only because they where on sale. I also bought some nice tilopia fillets. love...
  3. Carolina Cooking

    Whats for Dinner thread Nov 2

    Pot roast in the slow cooker for tonight. :thumb:
  4. Carolina Cooking

    Whats for Dinner Oct 6th

    I am making French Onion Soup :WitchBrewsSmiley: with NO bread. Loads of great melted cheese.
  5. Carolina Cooking

    Can't find this anymore

    publix said it didn't sell so they don't carry it anymore. as did wal mart. Food lion never had it :ohmy::cry::cry:
  6. Carolina Cooking

    Whats for dinner ?? thursday 29th

    I must use the leftover 'lasagna stuffing' from the stuffed peppers I made. I will have to get either a eggplant or maybe some squash to make a Lasagna style casserole. No Pasta for me.
  7. Carolina Cooking

    bought the worst can tuna

    I am so spoiled with Costco kirkland brand. It is the best canned tuna I have ever had bar none. I picked up some BumbleBee albacore in water at publix. :ohmy: the awful fishy taste. Plus it was slimmy I had to rinse it & rinse it . I have 3 more cans , gross. I think I may give it to my...
  8. Carolina Cooking

    My New Coffee

    LOVE LOVE this coffee. :encore: thank you QSIS..
  9. Carolina Cooking

    airplane humour

    #AOLMsgPart_2_9544c913-9713-474e-91ac-7c9fa107d7f4 td{color: black;} #AOLMsgPart_2_9544c913-9713-474e-91ac-7c9fa107d7f4 DIV {margin:0px;} I like the airline's sense of humour! scroll down.... Kulula is a low-cost South-African airline that doesn't...
  10. Carolina Cooking

    looking to make stuffed peppers

    without any rice , I gave that up.. anyone??
  11. Carolina Cooking

    Whats for Dinner Friday 16.

    wow its the middle of Sept already. Time flys. I am going to have a Top Sirlion Steak ..:thumb::thumb: Wrapped in Bacon. Sauted Mushrooms in lots of butter.:thumb:
  12. Carolina Cooking

    spagetti squash

    what does it really taste like? If you can describe it lol
  13. Carolina Cooking

    Paula Deen

    I just read on a health forum/website that she has Type 2 diabetes. Has had it for several yrs & is trying to keep it under wraps. Wrong move JMO. I would think she would have respect from ppl who have Diabetes. Why try to hide it?
  14. Carolina Cooking

    can you freeze cocoa

    powder? I have a HUGE can of Ghirardelli Un sweeten cocoa . Not been opened. But it is old. How long is the shelf life after I open it. NO way can I use this much cocoa. so I thought , can I freeze it. web site tells me nothing. lol never mind. I found out you can't freeze the powder.
  15. Carolina Cooking

    It's Friday.. Whats for Dinner

    seems like only 2 of us Post 'whats for dinner' lol No more dinner salads for me for awhile. I am salad bored. I took out chicken breasts to be defrosted. I may make Broccoli Chicken breast casserole with added water chestnuts & use a fried Onion crust. Or stuff them with riccotta...
  16. Carolina Cooking

    Those Huge Marshmellows

    I saw them yesterday at Wal Mart. :ohmy: That would be some huge cup of cocoa for that big boy. yikes
  17. Carolina Cooking

    Peanut Butter

    :yuk::yuk: I didn't pick up my Skippy, IDK why. I got Jif :oops:taste's awful. Then for whatever reason I also got some Smuckers , ok this has no peanut taste what so ever. :sad: What the heck do I do with 2 jars of gross peanut butter? Throw it in the back of cupboard till it grows fuzz...
  18. Carolina Cooking

    whats for Dinner Wednesday Sept 7

    Its to early for me to decide. I am working on my Southern Pecan coffee :thumb: Plus the grocery stores around here change their ad today, so I will be shopping later.
  19. Carolina Cooking

    where you live

    does anyone hate or love where they live? Or just live there & put up with the weather & the Mother Nature's Fury. I don't hate Charleston per say but I would much rather be somewhere else. :brows: I can't honestly say I have loved anyplace I have lived & I have lived east to west & north to...