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  1. Doc

    What are you reading?

    I really enjoy most of John Grisham's books. The Guardian was the exception. I did not finish it I had another hot book ready to go so I moved on to it. It had been on hold at the Library and you only have 21 days to read it so ... I went for it. Lately I've been on a David Baldacci kick...
  2. Doc

    The Flyers

    The little boy put on his clothes for the cold and then told his father: "Ok dad I'm ready" His Dad, the pastor, said: "Ready for what?" "Dad, it's time to go outside and distribute our flyers." Dad replied: "Son, it's very cold outside and it's drizzling." The child looked surprised at his...
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  4. Doc

    Joe Bury's take on Hamburgers

    Thank You Sass for a first hand review. I can't wait to try these.
  5. Doc

    McCormick's Spaghetti Sauce copycat recipe

    My wife makes fantastic spaghetti sauce. She was going to make spaghetti this week for dinner but could not find the McCormick's spaghetti sauce packet in the store where she always gets it. I started to order it from amazon's but found out it has been discontinued. No clue why but now my...
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    Computer Problems

    Awesome. Persnickety puter. Glad you got it working.
  7. Doc

    Computer Problems

    Do you get an error message?
  8. Doc

    Ordered a Bose Wave Radio Today!!

    Nice!!!! I've found a few great deals on things at ebay ...but that was a number of years ago. Glad it's still got some good stuff out there.
  9. Doc

    Issue or questions about NEW Xenforo Forum Software

    Lee, I right clicked and copied and the new reply pop up showed up. On the phone I think you just hold down on the highlighted text and you get the copy dropdown.
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    Issue or questions about NEW Xenforo Forum Software

    Kewl. Hey, I had not stumbled on to that feature. That is very handy. Thanks Cooksie. Good catch, and thanks for sharing. :tiphat:
  11. Doc

    Legendary star Cicely Tyson Dies.

    Wow. 96!!!??? I never would have guess that old. A truly beautiful lady. RIP Ms Tyson.
  12. Doc

    This Day in History - 1986

    Sadly, I remember that day well. So sad.
  13. Doc

    Joe Bury's take on Hamburgers

    I missed this way back in 09 ... or I've totally forgot that I saw it. :bonk: I plan to try this soon also. Thanks LT. I'd never heard of Joe Bury.
  14. Doc

    trivia 1/11

    Thanks LT. I had no clue on number 1 either. Totally baffled. LOL I turned to duck duck go and found out more. :D Whether you call them century eggs, hundred-year eggs, millennium eggs or whatever, these outlandish ova are a Chinese delicacy dating back centuries to the Ming...
  15. Doc

    trivia 1/8

    LT, I'm curious. Did 400 really die in the blizzard of 1978?.. Nevermind ...I googled it. From Wiki: The Northeastern United States blizzard of 1978[1][2] was a catastrophic, historic nor'easter that struck New England, New Jersey, and the New York metropolitan area. The Blizzard of '78...
  16. Doc

    COVID test...

    Man. I got tested last Sept. All I got was watery eyes from them poking something way way up my nose. :bonk:
  17. Doc

    Happy Birthday, Adillo!

    Wow, a twofer. LT and Andy. Happy Birthday Andy!!!!!! Hope you have a fantastic day. Enjoy!!!!!!
  18. Doc

    Happy Birthday Lucky!!!

    Happy Birthday Lucky!!!!! Hope you have a super fantastic day. And I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you do to keep us thinking with your outstanding trivia questions. :tiphat:
  19. Doc

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons etc. Post em here

    Thread closed. Please see 2021 version of funny pics and memes here: