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  1. Johnny West

    Dill Pickle Beef Roast...

    4 pound Chuck roast 24 oz jar of dill pickles ( I counted the pickles in the original tutorial and since my pickles appeared larger, I used half.) 6 cloves garlic 1 package Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing packet. 1 package brown gravy mix 1/2 cup dill pickle brine 1/2 tsp dill weed i put the roast...
  2. Johnny West

    iPhone SE

    I got a new phone and love it. It hooks all my photos to my ipad.
  3. Johnny West


    This is a first for me, making tapioca from scratch. I don’t think I ever made instant, either. The small pearl tapioca we got at the Indian market a few weeks ago but see Bob’s Red Mill has it in the local supermarkets. I used the recipe and it worked nicely.
  4. Johnny West

    Chef Matthew...

    Where to put this..? my #2 son was on ABC in Salt Lake City yesterday.....
  5. Johnny West

    Dining Service

    The mrs recently got her great grandmother’s lace table cloth cleaned and since we were snowed in today decided to set the dining room table with our good things. The table is an Amana Furniture Store walnut table I inherited from my folks and passed down from my grandmother. It was delivered to...
  6. Johnny West


    It’s not my best presentation but then the meat quality was not what I require and am out of my home made dill pickles. Salde, red kraut, and boiled potatoes will be the sides.
  7. Johnny West

    Computer Problems

    My wife updated “operating systems” for want of a better term. I can’t get my photos to post now. It’s always something.
  8. Johnny West


    Jaternice is a Czech sausage made from the nasty bits of a hog, barley, bread, garlic, and pepper. If it has blood added it's called jelita but is impossible to find due to laws pertaining to blood. I ordered their from a meat market in Iowa, not to far from where I grew up. My dad used to buy...
  9. Johnny West

    Seattle Cinnamon Roll Co.

    Yesterday we made a trip to Woodinville, north of Seattle, to take a table cloth to a fine laundry that specializes in antique things. Next door was Seattle Cinnamon Roll Co. Nancy bought two cinnamon rolls and two sticky buns. They were sinfully sweet and have had my calorie quota for a long...
  10. Johnny West

    Cuisinart Air Fryer, Toaster Oven, etc.

    the mrs got this unit yesterday. So far she has only made toast but will air fry pork tenderloins soon. I may bake a meat loaf in it this afternoon to give it a try.
  11. Johnny West

    COVID test...

    We went to COVID test site and got tested today. They gave us a gallon of hand sanitizer jel, goodie bag with cloth mask, travel size hand sanitizer, and travel pack of wet wipes. It was just like trunk or treat.
  12. Johnny West

    Oregon Grain Growers

    I look forward to eating here once the the draconian closures are lifted in Oregon.
  13. Johnny West

    Christmas 2020

    I got a standing rib roast from Stewart’s Meats in Yelp, WA, acorn squash, mashed potatoes, and stove top dressing for Christmas dinner. I’ll get a pie and bottle of wine tomorrow. We are in Utah and my son and his partner have to work so will plan for a late dinner.
  14. Johnny West

    Sir Sean Connery, R.I.P

    He had his kicks...
  15. Johnny West

    Billy Joe Shaver RIP

    Dang, my favorite singers are leaving us. “I’m gonna live forever....”
  16. Johnny West

    Jerry Jeff Walker RIP

    Up against the wall you redneck mother.... I enjoyed his music on X Country. He was 78... makes me think.
  17. Johnny West

    Westport Wednesday

    last week. Last week we had a bit of an oysterfest. Wed. we went to Westport and stopped at Brady's Oyster for some shooters. Each shooter has two small oyster, which are the sweetest. I had three shooters and bought one of the shot glasses. The mrs had one, plus she bought 3 pounds of locally...
  18. Johnny West


    Tomorrow will take the mrs to a dental appointment in Kent so after we will go to dinner at Paolo's. Matt used to work for Paul so many years ago when he was a culinary arts student.
  19. Johnny West

    Giorgio's Greek Cafe and Pizzeria

    We decided to try Giorgio's Greek Cafe and Pizzeria that has been here a long time and never bothered to try, it was excellent, and can't wait to go back. For some reason I can't get the website to open and will try again later today. We had two appetizers and one was more than a meal. For a...
  20. Johnny West

    Onion Burgers

    Two nights ago I made hamburger "steak" onion burgers with a baked russet on the side. I fried the burgers in a Wagner chicken fryer and used WOR on the burger for a blackened look. The gravy is McCormick's gluten free brown gravy. It was excellent. BTW, my mrs ground chuck for the burger with...