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  1. Adillo303

    Rest in Peace Charlie Pride

    Heaven gained another fine Entertainer. May he rest in Peace. His music will live on. -Andy
  2. Adillo303

    2018 - Pork Roast - Yes or no?

    I pulled a pork roadt out of the way bottom of the freezer. Its dated in 2018. Vacuum sealed, no freezer burn, meat still has correct color. Cook or toss?
  3. Adillo303

    Cauliflower potato Salad With Bacon & Cheddar

    Cauliflower potato Salad With Bacon & Cheddar �� Ingredients § 1 large head cauliflower § ½ cup grated cheddar § ⅓ cup mayonnaise § 1/4 cup chopped red onion § 6 slices fried bacon, diced § 2 hard boiled eggs, peeled and diced § 1 tablespoon dill § 1 teaspoon mustard § 1/2 teaspoon salt § 1/2...
  4. Adillo303

    Kefir Grains

    If anyone wants to.make Kefer, I have grains to share. First come first served. I have some. Not a bunch, but, they do multiply.
  5. Adillo303

    G' Morning everyone

    A chuckle for foodies.
  6. Adillo303

    Question on bread making

    Does anyone remember the site joe had we with all the NYT bread recipies. It had fishing in the URL? Thank you
  7. Adillo303

    About beans

    I need to make chili tomorrow. I have as always bought canned beans. Today. For whatever warped reason, I bought dried beans. I can soak them overnight, no issue. My question is how much dried beans do I soak to equal a can? I'm guessing, half a pound. Any ideas?
  8. Adillo303

    Ghee question

    In my search to eat better, I am trying out Ghee instead of butter to fry my eggs. Cast iron griddle, lower temp, using Ghee the eggs stick to the pan like mad. Butter, no issues. Any ideas?
  9. Adillo303

    Is anyone here doing Keto?

    DW is type 2 and I'm just old and fat. They wanted her to take Trulicity for $358.00 per month. Nope, nope, nope. No funds for that. That number is after Insurance. Last year, it was something like $40.00 this year they jumped it to tier 4 from tier 3. Anyhoo, we started Keto and she is getting...
  10. Adillo303

    Hi Everybody

    I have been absent for a bit. Lurking around. Things are improving and I am hoping to get back on track. March 5, I was taken to the hospital, having lost feeling and use of my left leg. The pain was like nothing I have ever had. A blood vessel broke right by the nerve bundle for all the nerves...
  11. Adillo303

    Dogger Day, Wed, October, 31, 2018

    Sorry to be starting this early. This has had me giggling all day and I am off to work early.
  12. Adillo303

    Bread baking question

    Hi All, I have been asked to make a rolling pin, which I can do. I have been asked if it will be heavy enough for bread dough. I have made a lot of bread and not ever used a rolling pin. Would anyone have experience they could share? Thank You Andy
  13. Adillo303

    What's cooking NCT Sunday 10/21/2017 to Saturday 10/28/2017?

    Dinner out with the family for my granddaughter's birthday.
  14. Adillo303

    What's cooking NCT Sunday 9/17/2017 to Saturday 9/23/2017?

    Got fresh veggies yesterday - Hopefully grilling a steak this afternoon.
  15. Adillo303

    Poached eggs A' La Andy

    Part of my diet included making sure I eat breakfast. I have never in my life been good at this. It was hard to start, now it is easier. I have two poached eggs. Don't fret, my LDL's are great. HDL's a bit low, and those are good guys, have to work on that. I don't know is anyone remembers...
  16. Adillo303

    ISO - Low calorie salad.

    Last Dr's appointment my A1C was "On the cusp" not there, don't want to be. Dr. asked that I take off 25% of my body weight by January. In Andyese, that translates way more than that, same time frame. Anyway, as some of you know, my wife and I do 30+ craft shows a year. We are out once...
  17. Adillo303

    What's cooking NCT Sunday 8/20/2017 to Saturday 8/26/2017?

    Salad, most likely. Weight is coming off slower than hoped for.
  18. Adillo303

    What's cooking NCT Sunday 8/13/2017 to Saturday 8/19/2017?

    Some sort of salad - Down 15# so far.
  19. Adillo303

    What's cooking NCT Sunday, 7-30-17 to Saturday, 8-5-17?

    Happy summer Sunday
  20. Adillo303

    What's cooking NCT Sunday, 7-23-17 to Saturday, 7-29-17?

    I am told that I am making burgers and corn on the grill.