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  1. Adillo303

    Good day thread

    Good - Afternoon -
  2. Adillo303

    COVID test...

    Due to eye surgeries, i have had 2 CV-19 tests recently. Both neg, thankfully. Both surg's successful. I now have two eyelids that open all the way. Anyhoo - First was the swab. Didnt bother me. Second was saliva.
  3. Adillo303

    Dry-Aged, Slow-Roasted Prime Rib

    A very quality lady i know told me to git back. 😁😁😁
  4. Adillo303

    Dry-Aged, Slow-Roasted Prime Rib

    I did the low and slow reverse sear as well. A bunch of years ago here. High Cheese introduced me to reverse sear in steaks and I never looked back. A few years ago, I had family over for Christmas and did this with a 12# Roast and it was devine. Admittedly this year I messed it up. I have no...
  5. Adillo303

    Happy Birthday, Adillo!

    Hi all - Thank you Lee for the reminder. Thank you all for the wellwishes. It was a hreat day. Lunch with my Daughter Paula with whom i share a birthday. We live a couple hours apart and meet in heyween. Dinner with DW Maureen at a local sushi place. Sign of the times - Paula and i meet at...
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    Rest in Peace Charlie Pride

    Heaven gained another fine Entertainer. May he rest in Peace. His music will live on. -Andy
  7. Adillo303

    Prayers for Jim please.

    Jim and I texted a few times over my nerve issue. We talked dogs. He and his wife used to show Cockers. He will be missed.
  8. Adillo303

    Prayers for Jim please.

    Jim was one of the "good ones" He will be dearly missed here, FF, from his family and there must have been an awful lot of people that this good man touched.
  9. Adillo303

    2018 - Pork Roast - Yes or no?

    It is done. It was good. The slaw is HomeCook's recipe. Morgan approves.
  10. Adillo303

    Cloud Bread

    Its basically like a marangue. Ehip the egg whites till very fluffy, fold in the yellows and as i recall mascapone and spoon on a baking sheet and bake.
  11. Adillo303

    2018 - Pork Roast - Yes or no?

    It looks perfectly good. Zero Freezer Burn. It was vacuum sealed in the store when I got it. Anyhoo - It's tomorrows pulled Pork. Thank You Andy
  12. Adillo303

    2018 - Pork Roast - Yes or no?

    I pulled a pork roadt out of the way bottom of the freezer. Its dated in 2018. Vacuum sealed, no freezer burn, meat still has correct color. Cook or toss?
  13. Adillo303

    Kefir Grains

    It's actually pretty easy...
  14. Adillo303

    Best wishes please! {Update}

    Im so sorry to hear this. Thoights and prayers for healing and full recovery.
  15. Adillo303

    Issue or questions about NEW Xenforo Forum Software

    Hi All - I'm gonna give this new ship a go.