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  1. Doc

    The Flyers

    The little boy put on his clothes for the cold and then told his father: "Ok dad I'm ready" His Dad, the pastor, said: "Ready for what?" "Dad, it's time to go outside and distribute our flyers." Dad replied: "Son, it's very cold outside and it's drizzling." The child looked surprised at his...
  2. Doc

    McCormick's Spaghetti Sauce copycat recipe

    My wife makes fantastic spaghetti sauce. She was going to make spaghetti this week for dinner but could not find the McCormick's spaghetti sauce packet in the store where she always gets it. I started to order it from amazon's but found out it has been discontinued. No clue why but now my...
  3. Doc

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons etc. Post em here 2021 edition

    Starting a new theard for our funnies to help keep forum overhead down. Post away. :D
  4. Doc

    Happy New Year

  5. Doc

    Advice from a Respiratory Therapist about COVID.

    Advice from a Respiratory Therapist about COVID. Just in case you get the virus and develop symptoms, here’s some good advice from a respiratory therapist to help stay out of the hospital and recover quickly. CORONA Common Sense Since they are calling on Respiratory therapist to help fight...
  6. Doc

    Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball bites

    Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball Bites From: INGREDIENTS 8 ounces cream cheese, softened 1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese 1 ounce package dry ranch mix 8 slices bacon, cooked and finely...
  7. Doc

    Ambrosia Salad Recipe

    Looks good. If you have an Ambrosia Salad recipe please share so we can compare.
  8. Doc

    Katharine Hepburn: The Circus

    I love this story from Katharine Hepburn’s childhood; in her own words. “Once when I was a teenager, my father and I were standing in line to buy tickets for the circus. Finally, there was only one other family between us and the ticket counter. This family made a big impression on me. There...
  9. Doc

    Somewhere over the Rainbow

    In 1988, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole called the recording studio at 3am and said he had to record a song right away. 15 minutes later, Israel arrived at the studio. The studio owner, Milan Bertosa said, "And in walks the largest human being I had seen in my life." A security guard gave the 500 pounds...
  10. Doc

    Can you name one of these?

    Only name one so others have a chance. One per day please till all have been guessed.
  11. Doc

    New Style Option: Bigger Font

    I have made a slight change to our current style, only difference is BIGGER FONT. If you struggle with the font size on our 'default' style look to the bottom left of the screen and click on 'default'. A popup will show all our styles of which currently there are only two. They are: 'Default'...
  12. Doc

    Poll test

  13. Doc


    LET'S GO OUT TO EAT 2020 STYLE 1. Arrive at restaurant, fish your three month old single-use surgical mask out of car's filthy cupholder (still slightly sticky from this morning's 84oz diet Pepsi). 2. Strap up with three month old single-use surgical mask. *MAGICAL ANTI-GERM BARRIER ENGAGED!!!*...
  14. Doc

    All Along The Watchtower

    "All Along the Watchtower" is a song written and recorded by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. The song initially appeared on his 1967 album, John Wesley Harding, and it has been included on most of Dylan's subsequent greatest hits compilations. Since the late 1970s, he has performed it in...
  15. Doc

    A few new smilies

    Hope you find some you like. :thumbup:
  16. Doc

    Goodnight Irene

    Eric Clapton Dr. John Johnny Cash Nashville Jam
  17. Doc

    My Way

    This is a tough one for me. Elvis and Frank both great IMHO Elvis Presley: My Way Frank Sinatra: My Way LOL well I needed a third ..... Sid Vicious - My Way
  18. Doc

    You Keep Me Hangin On

    You Keep Me Hangin On The Supremes Kim Wilde - You Keep Me Hanging On (Alternate Version) Psychedelic version Vanilla Fudge
  19. Doc

    Try a Little Tenderness

    A classic from way back. Most bands have performed this but here are a few of my favs. Try a Little Tenerness Otis Redding 1967: The first version I ever heard: Three Dog Night 1969 ro 70. I love the drum beat they added one else had...
  20. Doc

    Gmail email notifications

    Many here have a gmail account and have not received email notifications for a long long long time. I hope that time has come to an end. I have it working for me and expect it will now work for your gmail accounts. The first time it was in my SPAM folder so I expect that is where you will find...