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  1. cookingirl

    Beef tenderloin?

    I ordered a 3 lb beef tenderloin for Christmas. Want to make it med rare..My dad is not doing well, so I want it to be really good--no salt/sodium/salty additions, please thinking about either sauteing it and then roasting or just roasting at a very high temp (400-425) after rubbing with butter...
  2. cookingirl

    Not for Nuthin'.......

    Not for nuthin', but I was just looking at all the threads and all the posts.......This forum should be re-named, "Peeps Net Cooking Talk Forum" ---wow!:yum::yum: Peeps, seriously, where do you find the time to do all the posting??? and cooking???:chef: nevermind picture taking....... xxoo...
  3. cookingirl

    What's Cookin? mon 11/14???

    It is too early to think about cooking but I have nice, thin chicken cutlets in refrigerator...thinking of breading and sauteing them...but that is boring??? hummmmmmm :confused: also thinking of either butternut squash or acorn squash and taters.........
  4. cookingirl

    Sat 11/12 any food plans?

    I haven't a clue today..will leave soon, after picking up and making breakfast, for the hairdressers...will be walking around the grocery stores aimlessly for ideas...I will think of something.......hummmm, no poultry till turkey day...had speg & meatballs last week, pork and fish the week...
  5. cookingirl

    Monday, Monday--cooking? 11/7

    Beautiful, sunny day today!! What's everyone cooking up?:readytoeat: leftover speg, meatballs, apple pie and ice cream:readytoeat:
  6. cookingirl

    who eating what today? 11/3/11

    as usual I don;t have any idea...I know leftover soup for lunch--dinner not so should be warmer today--will believe it when I see it!!:dizzy: mild--60's they say! When I get out of work it should be in the low fifties!!!:dizzy::dizzy::dizzy: have a good day all!
  7. cookingirl

    an apology from sorry...

    Hey all, I sincerely apologize to all of you for all my 'down-ness".. Today, I finally realized my dad is dying-slowly....I am pretty much per-occupied with this--I am an only child and have no one to share it with, beside my own doc...thank you for your understanding...It is a long process...
  8. cookingirl

    Friday~ 10/28-what's cooking?

    Don't know yet---gotta take daddy to the doctors--urgent apptmt--sob, weak, etc....same old, same old...not really..... supper will be quick, fast and easy...depending on how the day goes-if he goes to er or not....
  9. cookingirl

    10/19, wed~what's ya cookin up?

    have no idea~~ hummmmmm:eat1: apples......... gave my neighbor some apples and cider, and she sent me an edible arrangement as a thank you......sooooooooo fruit today!!!!! what else; don't know.....:ohmy:
  10. cookingirl

    Mon, 10/17~what's cooking?

    Having leftover pot roast, gravy, carrots, celery, onions smashed potatoes! yum! and an apple for lunch!!!!:fridge:
  11. cookingirl

    thurs, 10/13-whats cookin?

    On this rainy, chilly day in Boston...what's everyone thinking about for food? I'm thinking it is good soup weather..:blob_blue:
  12. cookingirl

    Wed, 10-12~What's on the food table?

    I think it will be leftover steak..don't know what else....:bounce:
  13. cookingirl

    Columbus Day~~~ Food!!!

    Today is Columbus Day!! Happy day Christo!! What you all planning for eatin' today???? Probably should be something Italian, in honor of the day, but I am planning on having breaded, baked chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, and butternut squash!!!:chef:
  14. cookingirl

    food for tuesday 10/4/11?

    What are you eating this rainy, thunderous, lightening Tuesday? I want to stay cuddled at home with a book, cup of tea, curled up on couch, watching old movies.....drat---work calls!:oops: supper---who knows?:bonk: :yum:
  15. cookingirl

    Whats cookin' ? Mon 10/3

    Will have to be leftover chicken noodle soup! yum:smile:
  16. cookingirl

    Wed 9/28~~What's cooking? or eating???

    today is wednesday! week half way done! What you all cooking today?? or eating!!! me, I have no idea---in a yogurt kick lately!! :WitchBrewsSmiley:
  17. cookingirl

    Thursday ~ 9/22/2011 ~ What's cooking?

    Will try for the spinach salad, again..this time may be I'll get to it!! LOL:laugh:
  18. cookingirl

    Wednesday 9/21, What's the menu?

    For supper, a spinach salad! A bag of stuff from TJ's! spinach, blue cheese, candied pecans, dried cranberries and dressing----in one salad bag! of course each item is in separate pouches...let you know how it works out!:picnic:
  19. cookingirl

    Sunday, what's for supper??

    cold here again today! Got a bone in pork roast! def that, not sure how to do it today...uhmmmmmmm, either witha rub or herbs de provence, which I usually do....roastin an an oven sides=????? potatoes, carrots--getting:yuk: tired of those...I need to lose weight seriously!:yuk::yuk: now...
  20. cookingirl

    What's cookin'? Wednesday...

    A quick, fast, meal for dad---I am clueless today!:bounce::bounce: