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  1. what cha got

    Looking for a BamsBBQ shrimp dish

    It has shrimp (obviously), garlic, hot sauce, and someother things... i can't remember. but i do want to make it VERY soon.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Janelle :corn::corn::corn::corn:
  2. what cha got

    Santoku Knife

    My sweet Daughter Tina bought us a lovely set of knives for Christmas, and it has a Santoku knife. When she was home last month, she told me that she would like one for herself. I would like to get her one that is goig to last her for years. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. what cha got

    Whirley Pop Popcorn Popper

    John is a DIE hard popcorn fan. He likes it popped on the stove much better than the microwave, so I bought him, (well actually for me, as i always do the popping) I got mine on Amazon. It is great.