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  1. JoeV

    What's Cooking NCT? Sun. 9/18 to Sat. 9/24/2016

    Too much of anything isn't good for you...well...except for ONE thing, but I don't know any guy who's ev r had "too much" of that! :brows: Anyhoo, pulled a package from the freezer of the skirt meat left over from trimming spare ribs, and baked it along with the sides shown. I never cease to...
  2. JoeV

    Default What's Cooking NCT? Sun. 9/4 to Sat. 9/11/2016

    Pork stir fry with vegetable stir fry. Nothing fancy, but really good. Have enough left over to freeze for another day's quick meal?
  3. JoeV

    What's Cooking NCT Sun.6/21 to Sat. 6/27/2015 ?

    Cioppino and linguini by eldest DD and DS. Mmmmmm! Hummingbird cupcakes with cream cheese frosting by middle DD. Great dinner and gifts from the kiddos.I donated all of my XL shirts to homeless veterans clothing drive, and I got 4 new ones today. But no Gold Toe socks, which I REALLY need...
  4. JoeV

    JoeV Dark Rye

    Re: Dark Rye Here's one me and Homecook make frequently. It's delicious! Polish Sourdough Rye Bread ~ Chleb Zwykly na Zakwasie Ingredients: 18.4 oz. Rye sourdough starter ~ 50/50 starter (Take regular sourdough starter and start building a rye starter from it by feeding...
  5. JoeV

    What's Cooking, NCT? Sunday, 02-22/2015 / Saturday, 02/28/2015

    Comfort dinner tonight. Roasted chuck roast with wine reduction pan gravy, smashed taters, green beans & salad. Brownies for dessert. Mmmmm...
  6. JoeV

    Whats Cooking NCT Sunday 12/7/14 to Sat 12/13/14?

    Since nobody else started a thread for this week, I'll just go ahead and post some pics from this week. Tuesday was pork chops, Wednesday we went to a dinner at my amateur radio club, Thursday was my 4-cheese tortellini and today was a crock pot chicken. I took the chicken carcass and started a...
  7. JoeV

    Kitchen facelift complete!

    Yesterday I finished the kitchen facelift of painting the cabinets, all woodwork, and replacing five doors. "She who must be obeyed" is very pleased, as this has been on her wish list for longer than I care to admit. Here are some before & after pics.
  8. JoeV

    Whats Cooking NCT Sun.3/30 to Sat.4-5- 2014

    Busy Sunday so we had a quick dinner of cavatelli & salad. Also made some bread & sandwich thins for the freezer.
  9. JoeV

    Back in the saddle...

    I'm back to baking bread, but with my new Bosch Universal Plus mixer. Today was the egg bread formula turned into a dozen sandwich thins and a loaf of sandwich bread. The thins are already in the freezer, but here's the loaf before bagging and heading to the freezer.
  10. JoeV

    KitchenAid Pro600 grinds to a halt...AGAIN!

    A year ago I rebuilt the transmission in the KA Pro600, and a couple of days ago it seized again while making a 2-loaf batch of dough for Italian bread. I have made hundreds of loaves of Italian bread since the rebuild, but the pot metal die-cast gears just cannot handle the 55% hydration dough...
  11. JoeV


    All went well this morning, and the surgeon removed the inflamed parotid gland on my left side without any problems. We got to the VA Hospital at 5 a.m., and was released at 1 p.m.. Once we got back home I napped for quite awhile this afternoon, and we had some of my chicken noodle soup...
  12. JoeV

    Get a grip!

    My SIL played football for University of Connecticut until he blew out a knee. Some say he was destined for the NFL, but thankfully he stayed in school and got a masters in finance and a great career. Since the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, I wonder if my grandson is walking in...
  13. JoeV

    What's Cooking NCT Sun. 11/10/2013 to Sat. 11/16/2013

    Well, I guess I'll kick off the new week. The kids & grandkids were here all day today from 11 am on. My SIL requested my special lunch that he's been Jonesing for since the last time he was here...smoked Slovenian sausage with sauerkraut, mustard and horseradish on a homemade bun. For...
  14. JoeV

    What's Cooking NCT Sun 10-13 to 10-19-2013

    Since she will be working late tomorrow, my lovely bride made me an awesome pre-birthday dinner. Beef tips in a red wine reduction gravy, over egg noodles, with corn off the cob and garden tomato salad with cucumber salad. Cheese cake for dessert. Awesome, awesome, awesome! (and I have a...
  15. JoeV

    What's Cooking Sun. 9/29 to Sat. 10/5/ 2013

    Not sure where the heck y'all disappeared to, but we can't give up on this thread. That being said, after a trip to the Asian market today for some oils & sauces, we decided to just have breakfast for dinner. Here's some pics from the Asian market. No...we didn't buy any fresh seafood today...
  16. JoeV


    Just got an email from Lollie, and she says JoeC is going through some serious health issues right now, and is in the hospital. I'll refrain from letting out the details here without his permission, but suffice to say they are quite serious. He is not a religious or spiritual man, but some...
  17. JoeV

    What's Cooking NCT Sun 9-8-13 to 9-14-13

    Today is DW's birthday, so I made English muffins for her to take to work, and "Simply Great Chicken" for dinner, with buttered & herbed noodles and garden fresh green beans.
  18. JoeV

    What's cooking NCT Sun 9-1-13 to Sat 9-7-13

    We were car shopping for DW most of the day, so dinner needed to be something easy. Had some marinated chicken breast in the freezer, and whipped up some pan fried taters, broccoli and garden fresh tomato salad. Topped the taters and chicken with salsa. Going back out tomorrow, and may come home...
  19. JoeV

    Festival Foods

    Here's some of the food from the festival kitchen this past weekend. Over the weekend I prepped chickens & ribs, and did all the stove work for pierogis, cavatellis and corn-on-the-cob, as well as cleanup at the end of the evening. I NEVER want to own a restaurant!
  20. JoeV

    Commercial Slicer

    After several years of looking for a commercial meat/cheese slicer, I finally scored one this past weekend. A friend called me and said he had a 12" Intedge at his bar in Erie, PA, that was a backup in case the one in the kitchen died (1950's model that is still running well). He said he was...