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  1. buzzard767

    VeraBlue in New Orleans

    Thanks. I've been quite busy with a FaceBook group that I run called Old Fighter Pilots. :rolleyes:
  2. buzzard767

    VeraBlue in New Orleans

    From Roseann's FaceBook post an hour ago. =AZXtN0HP4MwSoIviWpDLUqDLJmJMbrZlIdj1VoeqU-icUoFIX8lisw-nvg-vbKl_vHwCk9q9KY9GLK2bsd8vTneRBiOL29Drt6YmRJighzGd0Bj2dEiZPNMeJjZ6WaK6AZ_GR60bLnW9sRU7a5tTgdZE&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R']Red Gravy...
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    VeraBlue in New Orleans

    They are closing at the end of April 2022. After all the years of hard work only to be done in by a pandemic that could have been ended within weeks but no thanks to big pharma greed ivermectin has been prevented from being distributed to the nation.
  4. buzzard767

    Wisconsin brats to die for

    One of my local butchers, Country Fresh Meats, accidental "inventors" of double smoked sausage sticks. This is their latest brat rendition and it's a winner. Beer, bacon, and cheese bratwurst - what's not to like?
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    Cream Cheese Cranberry Loaf

    Cream Cheese Cranberry Loaf Fran just made the best tasting holiday bread I've ever had. 2 cups flour 2 cups cranberries 1 1/2 cups sugar 1 cup butter - 2 sticks - soft 8 oz cream cheese - soft 4 eggs - room temperature 1 1/2 tsp vanilla 1 1/2 tsp baking soda 1 1/2 tsp salt Cream together...
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    Breakfast around the world
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    Gourmet Group Christmas Party

    Loooooong day. I was awake in Naples, FL at 3:45 AM yesterday and drove into my Wisconsin driveway at 1:30 PM. Watched football until.... Fran and I belonged to a gourmet group before we moved to FL in 1998. We met every two months for great meals. The group still exists and is populated by...
  8. buzzard767

    Turbo Ribs on the Big Green Egg

    When you don't have the time required to smoke Baby Backs using the 2-2-1 method you can cut the time in half by upping the heat. Turbo Baby Back Ribs on the Big Green Egg Remove membrane Smear on some yellow mustard Pat on a Rib Rub Heat the Egg to 350 – indirect Smoke ribs bone side down...
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    Big Time Kudos to VeraBlue

    Our lovely lady has been crowned a top restaurateur. Roseann's New Orleans restaurant, Red Gravy, has made a list of the top 100 brunch restaurants in America. Woo hoo!!!!!!
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    Steelhead Trout on the Big Green Egg

    The stores here in my part of Wisconsin have Steelhead. This recipe from my buddy Alan: Steelhead Trout on the Big Green Egg Soak a board for a few hours Preheat Egg to 350. No plate setter. Put a rub on the fish (only on one side) and let it sit about 1/2 hr. Put the soaked board on the heat...
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    Best burger I've ever had

    Yesterday, Stan's Idle Hour, Goodland, FL With Queen Mary
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    Souper Bowl Party

    Last night friends of mine had their third annual Souper Bowl Party, done up for charity with the recipient being the Naples Wellfit Girls Program. Chef Bill the home owner presented about a dozen different soup varieties and several others were brought by guests. One of the hits was Peanut...
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    My son-in-law is the world's biggest Sriracha fan and he uses it on everything. But does he drink it????? Yeah - it's beer.
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    What's Cooking NCT Sun 10/5 to Sat 10/11 2014

    Last night I smoked some country style pork ribs for dinner and they were great (of course). Today my wife called me upstairs for lunch and...... ON A PRETZEL BUN :wub: Heavenly. :) Smoking meat is the bomb.
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    Really funny

    I laughed my little butt off....
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    Boneless Pork Loin On The Big Green Egg

    2 pound boneless pork loin.Moderately heavy salt & pepper a couple hours prior to placing on the grill. Grill temperature 325 degrees F. I used some wood chips for smoking. Cooking time was about an hour and a half. Pull when the meat temperature reaches 145 to 160 degrees. Wrap in foil and let...
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    Snow Man

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    9-11 Remembered

    This past Friday night I attended a school reunion (50 years) of my high school girl friend, Cindy Stenz Comer. In 50 years this is only the second time I had seen her. Her husband Ron was on the 100th floor of the World Trade Center when the first plane hit between the 93rd and 97 floors...
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    What's Cooking NCT Sun. 8/31 to Sat. 9/6 2014

    It sure is nice living with someone who can really cook. Yummo
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    What's Cooking NCT Sun. 8/31 to Sat. 9/6 2014

    Best tasting dinner I've had, anywhere! Thank you Big Green Egg..... and Fran