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  1. Saliha

    CaturDay November 18 2023

    CaturDay is here again!
  2. Saliha

    Pine cone cakes

    I got this idea from a friend and it looks perfect for the Christmas table. moist mud cake Kellog´s Coco Pops powdered sugar Roll little balls from the mud cake. Add Kellog´s Coco Pops to the sides of the ball. Decorate with powdered sugar.
  3. Saliha

    CaturDay November 11 2023

  4. Saliha

    This is what my family and I look like!

    It was a long time ago when I posted my pic to here at the last time but now here is the new one. I (on the left) and my collegue, going to take care of covid-19 patients.
  5. Saliha

    CaturDay, Oct 28, 2023

    Happy CaturDay!
  6. Saliha

    Garden Diary Stories

    Garden Diary, 9 August 2023: "While I was sitting on my garden sipping my evening coffee, I noticed one little fellow who walked on the garden path. It went to there and returned to here and went back again and then around in a circle and returned again. " this direction.. noo to that...
  7. Saliha

    Guy From Wisconsin And A Question

    Welcome to NCT. A lot of snow and cold? Oh that sounds so familiar to me. :snow:
  8. Saliha

    Where is CaturDay?

    I still remember something missing... the CaturDay images. Isn´t it CaturDay now? Hehe. Couldn´t resist to post these to here. :smile:
  9. Saliha

    Garden Diary Stories

    Garden Diary, 22 August 2023: "When I was today in my garden, I noticed few spider webs was made between haystacks. They were really beautiful, nature's works of art, and probably the web makers had seen a lot of trouble while weaving them. The spiders were still at work. One wire was...
  10. Saliha

    Garden Diary Stories

    At the last year I also met another bug... Garden Diary, 13 September 2022: Today I picked some cherry tomatoes from my garden and got two big bowls of them. Although the majority are still green, they will ripe quite well also indoors. I poured the tomatoes on the table and immediately the...
  11. Saliha

    Garden Diary Stories

    Knitting yes. Right now I am knitting socks for one my workmate as she wants "Christmas socks with Christmas elves and Christmas trees".
  12. Saliha

    Garden Diary Stories

    As I maybe mentioned some of my earlier post, I have written as a hobby some short funny stories from my garden and it´s creatures (insects, ants, butterflies etc.). Now I have over 100 of those little stories and my friends whose like to read them ask me to publish them as a book but well who...
  13. Saliha

    Chocolate treats

    Aren´t they indeed. And not too complicated to make them too.
  14. Saliha

    What are you eating Sunday 10/15/2023 to Saturday 10/21/2023?

    At this evening I made barley groat porridge. Took 1 hour to cook it but it was soo tasty. :tongue:
  15. Saliha

    Hello from Finland

    Thanks. Here again, as original me. Sorry before I had problems to reset my password but finally I managed to do so. :clap:
  16. Saliha

    What are you doing today?

    Thanks to all for your comments. Nice to know you still remember me. A lot of work in here, spring has just started here up north and my garden is still waking up for the new growing season. But with garden I have found new hobby: I write short funny stories as "Gardening diary" but not as...
  17. Saliha

    What are you doing today?

    I have slept all day as I had a night shift. :goodnight_smi: Ok I am not that sleepy any more. And hi to all again, sorry been as busy as usually and not visiting here lately.
  18. Saliha

    Funny Pictures, Cartoons etc.

    Pizza with pineapple or pineapple with pizza, that´s a question.
  19. Saliha

    Good day thread

    Good day for everyone! Me back. Do you still remember Saliha from Finland? Sorry for a long absence - life has been so full of happenings last times. Work and so on. I´m trying to improve my presence in here if possible. I missed you all. :flowers: